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"The magical animal" break the dimensional wall variety Eddie Jie magic era Tencent entertainment news in November 12th, known as "the best in all the land", the starting point at the eastern end of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty and world civilization converge at the Shanhaiguan scenic area, held the first China base film industry summit ceremony. Wu Ruofu, Yue Hong, Zheng Shuang, Shen Danping, Su Li, Zhang Xuanhe, the new seven small Fu Tao Ji film caming, gathered in Shanhaiguan. The first Chinese film and television industry summit excellent film and television crew awards also settled. The Chinese base film industry summit "movie dream – China dream" as the slogan, in recognition of film base to build the concept and theme of the outstanding film base, excellent cast and face special contribution base construction process in the film. The film is the world’s people mind the art of communication link, shows the splendid culture, embodies the ideological essence, while the film base is the foundation of the film industry, the film is the lift driving force in the future. The industry summit is the development of China’s film and television base in the course of more than thirty years, the first real sense of the national industry summit. The event has actively summed up the experience of the construction of film and television base, and to explore the problems encountered in the development of film and television base for the prosperity and development of Chinese film to lay a solid foundation. The star studded Shanhaiguan, bustling, a large dragon dance "Chinese" opened the ceremony of the curtain, Shanhaiguan million meteorological Pumianerlai, classic and elegant cultural quintessence of dragon world charm is partly hidden and partly visible. The awards ceremony show links to review the historical perspective to feel the charm of the Great Wall Chinese perception, borrow culture concept, pop, rock, folk and other art forms, invited Jiang Tao, Yu Lina, thunder, and spirit Chun Orchestra coffee star join to help out. The China base film industry summit gave the 2016 annual excellent film base, 2016 outstanding comedy films, 2016 films, 2016 outstanding outstanding war action movie, 2016 outstanding drama, 2016 outstanding Drama Awards, in recognition of their contribution to the China film. Compared with the growth of 30% – 40% movie stride forward singing militant songs a few years ago, this film market growth is slowing down, with the film market slowdown at the same time, Chinese film weakness is more and more obvious, really good products too, is looking forward to more quick to earn quick money, by imitating a variety of plot, and even some neither fish nor fowl. The film, so many people sad movies all kinds of chaos. The story is the core of movie art, good movies, good story source from the author’s mind, is not digital measurement and calculation, behind every great film have many workers hard work, outstanding and excellent film crew base stone base is also a good movie. It is reported that the Chinese base film industry summit is sponsored by the Qinhuangdao municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, China film newspaper, the Qinhuangdao media Bureau, Shanhaiguan district government, Chinese film newspaper division, Qinhuangdao Qin Tang Jianda film production limited company to undertake, and by poly pictures, Hebei television group, Henan film group and Co Star Yue Yi Ning (north.相关的主题文章: