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"Lying" Qu Yang Di Wu Xin staged buyers show open self deprecating mode – Sohu entertainment   Wu Xin; open the self deprecating model of Sohu entertainment news Shenzhen launched the first national TV variety show "file 95 expression lying" in November 5th students interesting views (Saturday) 21:25 broadcast second programs. Last week, the show is just broadcast, "lying" interesting won the widespread concern of the public. In the program, all 95 are verse frequent, all are high-energy bursting point, attracted a lot of attention. The first phase of the program "Viper sister Cai Ming back, this program fashion goddess Wu Xin also" interesting "airborne spot, sweetheart turned sister, with this group of 95 after the bear children talk about open chat. Sasa Yang Di at "dancing black", Wu Xin joked that "when the mother" a bunch of pixie in the 95, with host Sasa attributes funny forced Yang Di, with a brainwashed Divine Comedy "PPAP", "lying" interesting start looking energetic. A bi dance, the two presenters joked that they began to dance community blacklist: "dance is so bad, the future must be far away from the dance community!" As the Sister Act, in the face of this qunhuan off after 95, Wu Xincai appeared full of vitality, is also unable to control their "field force" began to laugh: "when what you? When mom is ok!" When Tmall double eleven approaching, this program also catch a boom in "online shopping" as the theme of PK contest. As the shop owner, Wu Xin about to open his own shop, is "ashamed": "not to do business, the shop was shut off two." Yang Di staged by Wu Xin sellers buyers show, show the program as funny as seckill, "expression emperor Yang Di in the show their online shopping products, it was everyone’s consistent mind". Whether the portable bidet or that a wig, is stunned the crowd. Wear their own online shopping Korean fashion trend of wool cap, but also triggered repeatedly Tucao: absolute buyers show!" The program is aimed at this topic, to show you the seller show and buyers show the real difference. It is like wearing pink shawl worn over long, Yang Di and Wu Xin who is two distinct. On the catwalk, upright. Wu Xin is going to the bus fashion week, Guangcaizhaoren, "buyers show" is really "picturesque"; and Yang Di was like "from the mountains out of man", with "Leo atmosphere maker" Liu Luoxi sent "tiles", the "seller" show is the "soil" not to. How Wu Xin’s sister will bring what surprise? More exciting, please pay attention to November 5th (Saturday) 21:25 Shenzhen TV "interesting" slumber party instant noodles.相关的主题文章: