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Anhui provincial Party committee of Lu’an municipal Party committee secretary Sun Yunfei – Sohu news Sun Yunfei, male, Han nationality, born in November 1962, a university degree, in March 1986 to join the party. 1980.09 Anhwei Normal University Department of Chinese University; 1984.07 Anhwei Normal University teaching and research department office clerk, deputy chief, chief of the 1993.01 Anhwei Normal University; deputy director of Department of educational administration; 1995.12 Anhwei Normal University Party committee office director; 1997.09–1998.07 hung Office Deputy Secretary of the county of Huaibei province; 1998.07 Duji district party committee secretary of the organization; 2001.05 Huaibei Municipal Committee, standing committee, Secretary of the organization; 2002.09 Fuyang municipal Party committee secretary; 2005.01 Fuyang Municipal Committee, ministers of the organization; 2005.09 Fuyang Municipal Committee, Fuyang Municipal People’s government, party secretary, deputy mayor; the mayor of Fuyang city in 2006.06; Secretary of the 2011.04 Lu’an municipal Party committee; director of the Standing Committee of Lu’an municipal Party committee, Secretary of the 2012.02 Lu’an Municipal People’s Congress; 2016.09. Emblem provincial Party committee, Lu’an Municipal Committee, Lu’an Municipal People’s congress. Eighteen representatives: Anhui provincial Party Committee Standing Committee and the list of Anhui City Secretary, mayor list + resume相关的主题文章: