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Arts-and-Entertainment Living Scriptures is a .pany that produces videos featuring animated stories from the scriptures. Many people of the Mormon faith find themselves with little options for videos or entertainment products that live up to their standards. Living Scriptures provide an alternative entertainment product that use animated stories and other videos to enrich the lives of modern day Mormons. The Living Scriptures .pany was begun as a business model made by Mormon members looking to produce Bible story videos and other Living Scriptures on film. The founders of Living Scriptures hired Richard James Rich, a movie director who previously worked for Disney. James Rich brought a high quality element to the videos, using them as a platform to make animated stories that double as Book of Mormon stories. A challenge to producing the Living Scriptures series was determining how to adapt Bible story videos and Book of Mormon stories into animated stories. The scripts were submitted to Orson Scott Card, who adapted the animated stories to be entertaining, child friendly, Living Scriptures animated videos. During the production of the early Living Scriptures products there was concern about the business model and how to maximize profits from the videos. It was expensive to produce the animated stories in Living Scriptures, especially with the quality Richard James Rich was looking for. Until the products could start selling at Deseret Book and other LDS Book Industry stores there would be a risk of loosing lots of money on the Living Scriptures videos. The first Living Scriptures products were met with excitement and soon the videos were found in many Mormon homes. The Living Scriptures .pany decided to expand their business model and maximize profits by creating other products to be marketed to the same LDS book industry and Deseret Book market. Living Scriptures decided to create a Prophets hero classics line of products. These videos would be live action and feature prominent figures and events in Mormon culture. This Living Scriptures series was named "The Docudrama of the Restoration". This series told the stories of the Restoration on videos that were both great entertainment products and a device to maximize profits from the Living Scriptures .pany. It was found that the Mormon market desired videos telling the Modern Prophets hero stories. Living Scriptures began developing products that were hero classics, featuring a modern prophets hero. The first of these videos featured Joseph F. Smith. This popular Mormon vhs series from Living Scriptures was called, "Modern Prophets". At this point it seemed that Living Scriptures had found a successful business model that could maximize profits while providing Mormon families with the enriching, high quality entertainment products they desired. The LDS book industry and Deseret Book in particular embrace the videos and other products made by Living Scriptures. The sales people at stores in the LDS book industry often have a favorite product from the Living Scriptures .pany, and can help you find the videos, from hero classics to Living Scriptures animated, that you want. Recently Living Scriptures has been working on a project to docudrama visit Israel. The visit Israel cds are a smart product choice if you want to learn more about the area without visiting yourself. You can always count on Living Scriptures to use their business model to provide great Living Scriptures products, from videos to Visit Israel cds. These Living Scriptures products are great for any family. 17d73e6396e51f35eb331b93e2ae78a6 Living Scriptures; Animated Scripture Stories About the Author: 相关的主题文章: