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Like Akira Toriyama animation Dragon Quest X dress first test after playing a sense of novice card booking | Dragon Quest X area back ten years ago, once in the FC world for quite a while the final fantasy series and Dragon Quest series of games to numerous game player friends left a deep impression. Now, squaresoft AI Nicks produced the "Dragon Quest" X finally landed in national costume, the author is also the first time to experience the RPG works, what this game and ordinary RPG game is the difference? Just follow the author to explore some. Dragon Quest X in China open test Akira Toriyama style found his childhood dream "Dragon Quest" X game style with concise cartoon style color, whether it is depicted scene layout or monsters, the game focuses on the very prominent, also revealed a lively cartoon style. It is worth mentioning that the "Dragon Quest" X characters adhering to a series of characteristics, is still the master Akira Toriyama personally producer. You’re in the game, little drops are able to find the master style traces, either CG or the opening animation characters in the game, full of memories, feeling of deja vu. Familiar with the master style original BOSS like a comic master works of Akira Toriyama’s role in the very DQ! Savor the story from you into the "Dragon Quest" X first moment, you can feel the Japanese RPG style thick. From the initial Eden village, with the development of the story to be reincarnated as every race, is the new stage, you will be attracted to the story. As a child playing games, handheld cassette era Japanese game play like that time, is unable to restrain the emotions into the game, the taste of the story. Playing the "Dragon Quest" X like to enjoy a cartoon like. Dragon Quest X Japanese drama Dragon Quest X Japanese drama Dragon Quest X Japanese drama for love to explore your return game source "Dragon Quest X" the biggest characteristic is "RPG", each game player is a part of the story of the game, so the game story, progress need to explore, as a network game, sometimes you also need a team, and buddies together to complete. The game is not automatically pathfinding, there is no obvious task, all of them to find out the answer, because you are one of the protagonists of the story. Dragon Quest Game Dragon Quest source X regression X regression when we imagine that the origin of the game, holding all kinds of books in the study of Japanese Raiders RPG, yes! The feeling of "Dragon Quest" X brings you is the origin of the return game. Domestic online game player need to adapt to the rhythm of RPG always feel "Dragon Quest" series RPG of the overall atmosphere are similar, but each generation in detail and above to play game player who shines feeling. It is because of "Dragon Quest" X perfect inherited the series features, so for once the "Dragon Quest series" the old game player is to get started is very simple, the layout of the game to game player NPC.相关的主题文章: