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Liang Zhenlun regret the absence of "beautiful" Weiyang conference Tang Yan – Sohu Zhenlun Sohu Liang Zhenlun entertainment beam stills entertainment news yesterday, in the "double eleven" in the Oriental TV, Beijing satellite TV, a strong launch costume legend "beautiful" blockbuster Weiyang launch conference held in Beijing. Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu, Mao Xiaotong, Li Xinai starring full debut, and in the role of "Li Minde" Liang Zhenlun regret the absence of. Although not at the conference site, but Tang Yan Liang Zhenlun’s Li Minde playing field, caused by atmosphere overflowing. "Beautiful Weiyang" adapted from the novel of the same name, the shooting triggered public concern fans. In addition to Tang Yan, Luo Jin four joint cooperation, the old drama of bone Leanne Liu and other actors together to help out. Many fans heart harvest the corner of Li Minde who plays are also highly expected. Since officially announced Zhenlun Liang joined the drama, by the discussion of. Liang Zhenlun graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy since his debut musical class, starred in "Fengshen", "Qing", "the wind back to the Ming Dynasty when the Duke of Yangling" and other TV dramas have attracted much attention, once through the art stage of nearly five hundred performances. He has accumulated rich experience. For shooting a new movie "beautiful" regret the absence of Weiyang launch conference, to make up for Liang Zhenlun fans regret, through micro-blog exposure of their own private karaoke video, another way to "beautiful" Weiyang launch conference to help out. The film side recognized as a gentle temperament man Li Minde is sufficient to explain its personal charm. A series of body armor, handsome face, valiant and heroic in bearing we look forward to his success, enhance the value of. It is reported that Liang Zhenlun’s Li Minde is the illegitimate child of King ROEN, to avoid the queen was framed, was sent to the state of wei. The same deep palace right in a fight with Li Weiyang (Tang Yanshi) the name of the cousin, by slowly contact feel affection and love is important. Since the film after exposure, Liang Zhenlun’s lonely Ao Li Minde particularly distressed people. In the new "Jinxiu Weiyang" the occasion of the launch, Liang Zhenlun has opened new drama "my aunt" shooting. The film by the famous director Gu Jing DEDECATES and one’s emotional drama, gained a lot of attention. It is reported that Liang Zhenlun will play in the play, this "Akiyama" and "Jinxiu Weiyang" in "Li Minde" quite similar, looks cold and stern glowing hearts, love unceasingly. In addition, he trained good at summing up try to figure out the role of psychology, try to show a different charm brought by each character. So it seems that he believes that the interpretation of Li Minde, there will be more.相关的主题文章: