Li Chen Fan Bingbing fell in love for 520 days in h&amp m2017 year series of endorsement;

Li Chen Fan Bingbing fell in love for 520 days in H& M2017 year series of endorsements; lead: H& (Hennes; M & Mauritz AB) is pleased to announce the famous movie star Li Chen and Fan Bingbing H& will speak to couple the image; M spring 2017 fashion series. Li Chen Fan Bingbing H& the year of advocacy work; M2017 series by the couple, the 520 day (I love you) love anniversary, a sweet shooting advertising photos of their first as a couple endorsement of the series kicked off. The film was shot by Chen Man, a famous fashion photographer, to promote happiness and love on the occasion of the spring festival. Spring Festival series will be in January 2017 in mainland China, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines stores and online exclusive sale. Li Chen said: "the Spring Festival is the biggest global Chinese is the most important festival to celebrate the celebration, and love is definitely a blessing. I am very pleased to be able to join hands with Bing Bing debut in H& M’s new year series of advertising, I hope that our natural emotions can touch the hearts of the new year." Fan Bingbing said: I am very happy to speak with Li Chen H& M 2017 spring series. Whenever the Spring Festival will be filled with joy, high streets and back lanes red, then can wear their own style and talent shows itself absolutely important."相关的主题文章: