Li Chen and Zhang Yi play yesterday with the launch of he had worked for so many times (video)-jodie foster

Li Chen and Zhang Yi play yesterday with the launch of he had worked with so many entertainment news from Tencent "Interpol Zhang Yugui" to "soldier assault", from "my head of my group" to "line", from "Beijing love story" (Opera) to "Li Chen and Zhang Yizhe" Beginning of The Great Revival, good brothers often to appear in the big screen, the screen, known as the "gold partner" call for No. This time, by Li Chen served as producer, producer and starring Zhang Yi in the 45 episode TV series "Goodfellas" yesterday to landing Beijing TV, play two heroes, people love to kill, let the audience look forward to endless. It is reported that this is the eighth time Zhang Yi and Li Chen cooperation, Li Chen himself had joked, we have already spent "the seven year itch ‘, now it is" sworn brothers "!" Li Chen two years of cooperation between the film and television drama, do you remember, the play is how to kill the love of the two. We might as well look back together. The movie "Zhang Yugui" series of Interpol tacit index you can feel you can feel it. You can feel you can feel love index index * * * * kill, many viewers including Li Chen, Zhang Yi himself, believed that the cooperation of the two began in the TV series "soldier assault". But in fact, as early as in 2000 by Wang Xueqi starred in a series of movies, Interpol, Zhang Yugui, the two have the intersection. In the second film, Li Chen plays a young policeman, Zhang Yi guested on a small role in a minute scenes, two characters also have physical conflict, Li Chen played the role of Zhang Yi’s small police grabbed the neck full of anger. It was childish two people didn’t take each other seriously, a fan until 2010 Zhang Yi discovers the related film, this "dew of love" the two person surfaced. The soldiers raided "tacit index. You can feel you can feel love index. You can feel you can feel death index assumes to 2006" soldier assault ", Zhang Yi’s good-natured Dun Liang group of 702 steel seven even the monitor of class three, the history of this, Li Chen’s young commandos Wu Zhe. Although the drama then Huobian, Zhang Yi Baoqiang Wang, on both sides of the Changjiang River, Li Chen, Chen Sicheng et al. "Soldier to help" also from this, but almost no scenes in the play of Li Chen Zhang Yi is not familiar with each other, and even Zhang Yi because Li Chen is a handsome man and his rejection of some contact. Later, Zhang Yi also broke the news, during the filming of two people had lived a night due to all sorts of accidental mishaps in the same room, but only a polite talk on their sleep, and said "when not what impression, feel is not a passer-by." Yet further understanding has been disgusted, Li Chen and Zhang Yi’s friendship road is striking one snag after another. "My head of my group". You can feel it tacit index index * * * love you can feel death index assumes, in 2009, two people meet again in "my head of my group", Li Chen played a young soldier in Sichuan Zhang Lixian, the incarnation of Zhang Yi Beijing soldiers tired Meng. Good heart soft surface make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks. The Li Chen Zhang Yi, not only belong to different camps, in the military stood in opposition, was also in love with the same girl as incompatible rival, kill instantly bursting index相关的主题文章: