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The legal issues behind the Wuhan University bombing, the original title: the legal issues behind the bombing of the Wuhan University: Wang Cailiang September 10th is teacher’s day, but the morning news Wuhan University bombing, has aroused the concern of the community. According to media reports, the reason is because of the bombing of Wuhan city East Lake environmental transformation requirements, blown out is the first teaching building of Wuhan University (also known as the bishop building). The building of academician by the Academy of Engineering Chinese he Jingtang Caodao design, construction began in 1997, put into use in 2000, about 100 million yuan of construction cost at the time, the teaching building has 19 floors, is the tallest building in Wuhan university. (yesterday surging News) a building used to blow up 16 years, is really difficult to make people think. Our country is very inadequate investment in education, the school has not yet been able to afford to build a building with more than ten years to the extent of the. Even if the future is rich, can not be so capricious. Therefore, it is necessary for us to review the "Circular Economy Promotion Law" — the law twenty-fifth paragraph second: "the people’s Government of the city and the building owner or user shall take measures to strengthen the building maintenance management, prolong the service life of the building. Except for the needs of the public interest, the people’s Government of the city shall not decide to demolish the buildings that are in conformity with the standards of urban planning and construction." It should be said that the provisions of the law is clear. Wuda to blow up the building with the above law? This building has been used for 16 years, of course, belong to the reasonable use of the life of the building, then in addition to the needs of the public interest, the city people’s government is not decided to dismantle. Obviously, Wuhan University also know that the so-called environmental remediation is difficult to pull the public interest, only to find other reasons. And according to local media reports, the "demolition of building engineering Wuhan University teaching building is the first bishop of extremely high violation of planning of East Lake scenic area, caused by blocking on the line of sight, the destruction of East Lake landscape and natural mountain contour; at the same time, the existing building area and poor quality of the environment and East Lake Green Road, East Lake scenic area planning requirements do not match, is not consistent with the requirements of campus construction." The reason seems reasonable, but in fact, it’s really no language. Urban planning is the lifeline of urban and rural construction, East Lake eco tourism scenic area, as early as 1980s has been included in the "list of national key scenic spots, the zoning and planning should be included in the early planning of Wuhan City, it was reckless in the absence of builders, to obtain planning and construction permits construction and completion use? The local government as well as the planning and construction of the executive authorities where? The fact is that so far, no one said that the building was built in 1997, when completed in 2000, when not in line with the city planning and construction standards. Someone from Wuhan East Lake scenic area planning in 2011 approved by the Ministry of housing "(2011 – 2025)" as the basis to blow up the building, said to be the "city construction planning requirements, to fully consider the East Lake’s natural landscape features, not the destruction of East Lake landscape space frame and scale. To strictly control the lake area and embedding Hao相关的主题文章: