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Entrepreneurialism There is a lot of confusing information out there about the application process for getting government money. I hope the information presented below will clear up much of the misinformation that is presented by those who profit from confusion and misunderstanding. Learn more about the information below by visiting ..freemoneyguy.com Is There Free Help Filling Out Applications For Loans And Grants? Applying for government loans can be can be a bit more complicated than a few pages of fill in the blanks, but free help is available to help you with this process, especially if it is for business or real estate. Contact one of the 1,000 Small Business Development Centers around the country that will help you fill out applications for free or next to nothing. To find an office year you contact: 1-800-8-ASK-SBA or .sba.gov/sbdc/sbdcnear.html. There are also many non-profit organizations around the country that provide free and low-cost help in filling out grant and loan applications. No one source knows the location of all these groups, but a good place to start looking is the Microentretprise Fund For Innovation, Effectiveness, Learning and Dissemination that is part of the Aspen Institute in Washington DC: fieldus.org/Publications/Directory.asp. You can also contact your local public library to help you locate a similar local source. We also offer free help filling out any government application as part of our Government Money Club. Will The Office Giving Out The Money Give Me Help Filling Out The Application? Yes, they will help. That is part of their job. How much actual help they will provide will varies from office to office. If they are not helpful enough, contact an office of their superior or the office of your elected official for that level of government. For example, if you are having a bad experience in dealing with a federal government office, contact your congressman or senator located in Washington, DC. If it is a state office you are dealing with find your representative at the state level. Your local libraries can help you identify these people. Can I See Copies Of Successful Applications? Yes, of course. Remember anything the government does, it does in your name (as long as we remain a democracy). So when the government gives out money it is really giving out your money and you have a right to see how they are giving it out. This includes seeing copies of past applications. In order to protect the privacy of individuals, the government may delete some of the applicants personal information before they show you a copy. But thats OK. All that you really need will still likely be there. If a government office is not very cooperative in providing you with an application, you can request to be transferred to an office called The Freedom of Information Act Office. Every agency has such an office that will enforce your rights. Should I Be.e A non-Profit? Probably not, but like the answer to most any question, the real answer is, it depends. Non-profits are generally involved in one of the following activities: charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering national or international amateur sports .petition, and the prevention of cruelty to children or animals. If you are going to be involved in one of these activities then you MIGHT want to consider be.ing a non-profit. But, start looking for money first, before you invest in be.ing a non-profit. You might be able to get the money you need without being a non-profit. So why waste the time and money before you know for sure? Wait till you find someplace that looks like a good place to get your money and find out if their requirements include you be.ing a non-profit. That is the time to be.e one. Do I Have To Pay Back A Grant? NO. NO. NO. Grants, direct payments, and other free money available from government offices and non-profit organizations do not have to be paid back, EVER. Can I Apply For More Than One Grant? You certainly can apply to more than one of anything. The worst that can happen is that you apply to 12 places and 12 places give you money, and some of them say you have to give the money back if you get it from another source. This is a nice problem. Can I Apply To The Same Place Twice? Yes. And this is true whether you get the money or not. Some believe that there are even offices that will reject you automatically on your first attempt just to make sure you are serious. But there are other programs that give out one grant per customer. The best advice is to just keep applying until they tell you to stop. Do I Have To Pay Taxes On A Grant? As a general rule the answer is no, and you can always find out the exact answer when you find a program you wish to apply for. If the money is for business or for operating in.e for any .anizations what you spend the money on will all be expensed before you pay taxes. Most free money for education and training is not taxable. And most free money used to pay expenses is also tax free. There are some exceptions to this personal expense money, but you will be notified well ahead a time if this is the case. Do I Have To Have Good Credit To Get A Grant? Normally credit rating does not matter. Why would they worry about how you are at paying back your loans? They dont want this money back. The government will even give you grant money to pay for college courses while you are in jail, but they wont give you a college loan. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: