Laminate flooring prices remain stable antique floor sales slump

To strengthen the floor price to maintain the stability of the antique floor sales downturn in the home improvement season, by the impact of transportation costs and raw material costs, the various types of flooring market presents a different consumer trends. Solid wood flooring prices pulled, flooring prices continue to remain stable, while the antique flooring sales is not much improvement. The floor and the market performance is different, just to be driven in recent, wood-based panel market is quite awesome. Floor Market: antique floor sales are not high, to strengthen the floor price to maintain stable antique flooring sales and not much improvement. According to merchants, the deepening of the home improvement season did not bring too much for the antique floor. Antique flooring market continues to maintain a more boring pattern, the overall shipping speed is relatively slow, sales are not high. At present Guangdong market ashtree antique floor 610× 125× 18mm merchants offer 210-265 yuan per square meters. Laminate flooring prices continue to remain stable. Despite the transportation cost effect, solid wood flooring prices pulled up, but the floor or a pair of "old" attitude, prices remain stable. Businesses said that the biggest competitive advantage is to strengthen the floor price, so in the face of fierce competition in the environment, the floor is not easy to raise the price of businesses. In this case, the dealer’s profit margins will be further compressed, operating pressure is also growing. At present Guangdong market teak color floor price in 70-78 yuan square meters. The board Market: plywood Blockboard businesses replenishment actively, continue to small batch shipments of plywood replenishment businesses actively. According to the reporter observed, under the effective promotion of rigid demand, the recent plywood shipments continue to maintain a relatively smooth state. With the continuous consumption of business inventory, dealers in the near future to take a more active replenishment action. The merchant said, has been the key period of the second half of the sales, is expected to steady growth in sales of the current state will continue until the end of November. At this stage, the Guangxi market 2440× 1220× 78 9mm plywood merchants quote about 35-42 yuan Zhang, 2440× 1220× 15mm is about $105 Zhang, 2440× 1220× 18mm about 110 yuan zhang. Linyi Shandong market poplar plywood 2440× 1220× 5mm about 29 yuan Zhang; poplar plywood 2440× 1220× 12mm is about $60. Blockboard continue to small shipments mainly. According to the reporter observed, the recent artificial board market, the flow of people increased significantly, workers began to busy loading and unloading, which led to a variety of artificial board shipments are accelerating. But the merchant told reporters reflect the current shipping Blockboard continue to small volume shipments, the furniture market’s performance is not awesome, mainly rely on the market to support the market in home. At present, the Guangdong market 15mm Blockboard merchants offer 92-115 yuan Zhang left.相关的主题文章: