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Living-Will Taking a few step steps into the real world is most challenging chapter in your life and you couldn’t run away from it, that was the reality and the only key to survive. After school days you will became responsible of your future. The first step that you were going to was seeking for a job, there were several industry you might belong. Maritime industry includes all enterprises engaged managing and/or operating shipping lines and customs brokerage services, shipyards, dry docks, marine railways, marine repair shops, shipping and freight forwarding services and similar enterprises. In addition this was the most riskiest industry but came to be high demand of the workers. The workers said industry were paid higher but as it was mentioned along with the industry they were also exposed to high risk and danger. Often times the workers were exposed to work with long number of hours .pared to the regular employees, and the other maritime were working away for couple of months. The earlier statements may result to health .plications of the workers, may lead to a personal injury, or an accident. In response to danger the maritime workers was facing, in 1920 a law was passed by Senator Wesley Jones. The law was the merchant Marine Act of 1920 or also knows as the Jones Act Maritime Law or other called it the Jones Act Law. The purpose of the law is to support the U.S. Maritime industry,sources and to protect the maritime workers from negligence when you suffer from unexpected accident and injury while you were rendering you service to a certain maritime industry. Jones Act Law was quite a .plicated law, but if you want to enter a maritime industry or you were a part of the said industry you must know this rights and claims under the said law so that you’ll have peace of mind while you were working that somehow you will not end up into nothingness when unexpected instances came to life. There were several ways if you were interested to know about you claims under the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, you can do researches, ask personally the .pany, or you the best thing would be seek for a trustworthy, well experienced Jones Act Lawyer. Nothing was wrong in seeking help from a lawyer who specialized and focused on the Maritime law and the concerns of the maritime workers, only be wise in selecting one. It was an advantage if the lawyer would came from a known firm and with good background in that way you could be at ease that you could have the answers to the thoughts that was bothering you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: