Jiang Shuying this is the brightest star in the night sky. – Sohu face gossip

Jiang Shuying this is the brightest star in the night sky ah – you must also believe that the Sohu in this year’s shirt has been found shot in the street fashion bloggers and stars play bad". All kinds of design tailored shirt in every corner of the fashion circle, and completely unexpected, that there are so many shirts are not found by law and wear, Hey mom, suddenly feel do not wear good shirt is this year’s most fashionable thing! Following that several female stars are "not to wear a shirt" for example Hsu Chi Hsu Chi recently in the movie "my best friend’s wedding" a blue and white striped shirt collocation white wide leg pants, lazy and generous, directly to the shirt as a shoulder coat, small dew shoulder is really sexy amazing! Yuan Shanshan and Hsu Chi put the opposite of Yuan Shanshan, recently on micro-blog also drying out of a group of photos of Yuan Shanshan wearing LOOK shirts, is also the main colors of blue shirt, is not the same, on the shoulder of more tailored blouse in a similar small layer, not only looks very elegant, but also very out of the ordinary. Jiang Shuying Jiang Shuying Airport recently shot in the street, to the number of this shirt is the most eye-catching, ultra loose cuff is very unique, half into shorts, half exposed, one wearing such wear shirts this year is super In. Song Jia Song Jia recently on the film, of course, every station of the fashion show has become the focus of everyone’s attention, such as the exposed shoulder white shirt collocation cowboy wrapped skirt, asymmetric wear fresh avant-garde, behind the knot is also very interesting. Jung Soo Yeon Jung Soo Yeon (Jessica) recently appeared airport also chose a white shirt collocation nine pants, different is her choice is a cross in front of the shirt design, elegant and innovative, fashionable sense of detail is really beautiful in a complete mess. Olivia · Olivia · recently in Palermo; Palermo appeared on the streets of New York, a white shirt, a word shoulder collocation Skinny jeans foot, white shoes, comfortable, Olivia · in Palermo; this shirt cuffs were made two bow, this year is also a very common butterfly element of oh. Kim Hee Sun Kim Hee Sun did not show up for a long time, also recently wore a white shirt collocation bellbottom, choose the waist design shirt, collar position is suit collar, the atmosphere is very simple. Compared with the more exciting street shooting stars wear all tailored unique shirt, fashion bloggers is the shirt out of the different style and taste, feel more practical and good-looking, collocation of different items have different feeling and taste, unique design and tailoring shirt broke the previous shirt the dull image, gave a new stylish shirt, so amazing! 1 the details of the sleeves of the fun, in fact, from the season to the sleeves of the shirt!相关的主题文章: