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Software As per the post 5 Facts for Data Security and Cyber Crime in 2014 published by ETCIO.., an initiative of Economic times, the year 2014 will be a year when colors of the internet will fully bloom. The governments will run new networks for protecting their national infrastructure and .munication from any type of foreign attack. All this is meant to increase the security and reliability of cyber-infrastructure. The same post highlights that IT security breaches will also continue to increase this year and thus organizations will face higher number of sophisticated threats to their corporate data. The crux is security of organizational, corporate, government or personal data is one of the first concerns in the modern day IT era. Putting more emphasis on the need for data security, let us quote Dave Marchand, the CTO of Dell Healthcare. In the popular conference of Oracle World, he said that it is important to encrypt health care patient data if it is to be used by mobile devices. He made this statement to talk about some equipment of Dell that can secure the health care patient data. But is this statement relevant to sensitive customer data too? Irrespective of whether the data is on a website, some server or storage device, if it touches the internet then it is in a risky state because data at rest is still data at risk. How to protect the data In the light of the seriousness and gravity of the situation that demands data security, let us talk about different digital data security arrangements available in the current IT environment. Organizations adopt different ways to protect their data, a few of which are listed below: Block cookies on Web browser Use multiple usernames and passwords Being cautious about geo-location services Implement multiple-security-technology solution Have stringent security policies Update the data back up Make the staff aware of .pliance Conduct security audit Data Encryption Hence, there are different ways through which an organization tries to protect its corporate data. But, currently it is being considered that data encryption is the best way to protect data. Considering the kind of security encryption can provide, it can be called as the best security arrangement available today. Read below to learn why data encryption is the best way to protect data, provided it is properly implemented. Data Encryption is Essential for Cyber Security To secure data in an enterprise environment, encryption is often the first technology to be considered. Data breach is perhaps the prime reason for which one should go for encryption. Because the rest of the ways of data protection, like passwords, keep the data safe until the time it is under the corporate IT management. But if somehow the data gets breached, then it will be.e accessible to wrong people. However, data encryption is the only way that ensures that even if the data gets breached it will remain safe as no one will be able to read it. But the encryption can be challenging because of its significant impact on the application systems. There are different relevant concerns such as performance implications, cost, and key management issues, which encourage businesses to give a second thought to encryption. But the solution doesnt lie in not adopting this technology; rather corporate must try to find out resolutions to the challenges they are facing in going ahead with encryption. It is because the need for data security cant be overlooked, and encryption is the sort of security that would require powerful super.puters and extra smart hackers to get cracked. Thus the security of your data increases with encryption. However, the most important aspect here is that encryption should be implemented properly. If implemented carelessly, or if the key management processes are not sound, then this security can be badly reduced to a level where even an average hacker can crack it in a few hours. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: