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Software Informatica provides provides data integration software and services for businesses. NIIT is the only authorized training partner of Informatica in India; offering a comprehensive portfolio of training on a variety of Informatica solutions. With our expertise in the field of IT training and our wide network of training centres across the country, NIIT offers you training customized to your needs. There are various Informatica Programs that meet your specific requirement such as:- 1.Informatica PowerCenter 8 Level I Developer (4 days) This four-day instructor-led course exposes the core features of Informatica PowerCenter 8 through lecture and more than twenty hands-on exercises and 2 workshops. In addition to gaining tremendous insight into the data integration platform, students will be exposed to Informatica Velocity Best Practices. 2.Informatica PowerCenter 8 Level II Developer (4 days) This four-day instructor-led course complements and extends the PowerCenter 8 Level I Developer course. The course is intended for developers with more than six months of PowerCenter 8 experience. Topics covered include such as Advanced Mapping Techniques; Advanced Workflow Techniques; Transaction Control; Workflow Recovery; Error Handling; Performance Tuning; Repository Reporting; Memory Allocation; and Pipeline Partitioning. 3.Informatica Data Quality 8.6 Level I (4 days) This four-day, instructor led course introduces the student to the Informatica Data Quality Workbench option through lecture and hands-on exercises. The course is designed for all users who are new to Informatica Data Quality. The course covers the basic tasks of using Informatica Data Quality. Analysis plans including Data Quality scorecards, Matching plans and Standardization routines to cleanse data and validate addresses. New features include The Identity Match Option, The Data Quality Assistant, System Administration and Security, and PowerCenter Integration. 4.B2B Data Transformation IVA (3 days) This three-day, instructor led course introduces the student to Informatica B2B Data Transformation through lecture and hands-on exercises. It is designed for those who want to develop and implement Data Transformations, as well as learn methodologies and best practices for parsing, serialization, and mapping tasks. The course also covers the major functionalities of the PowerCenter Unstructured Data Option. Topics covered include such as Interface and Basic Concepts; Parsing Techniques; Serialization; Mapping; Transformers and Actions; Binary Sources and Preprocessors; Visual Debugging; Reusable Components; Specification-Driven-Transformation. Visit:- About the Author: 相关的主题文章: