In the star said China will not allow Peninsula tensions turmoil of war-aspack

In the star said China will not allow Peninsula tensions turmoil of war with North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang announced a satellite launch in the nuclear test, the world attention to sanctions resolution will move North Korea to the United Nations Security Council is the impact. Yonhap said 3 days, the current Security Council resolution on North Korea still in consultation, the contents of the resolution is likely to deal with North Korea’s satellite launch additional content. Reported that if the DPRK’s satellite launch triggered China and Russia on the issue of sanctions towards, so do not rule out the Security Council may by high strength sanctions case. "China faces new pressure?"" The Agence France-Presse says China has been reluctant to follow the United States for tougher sanctions against North Korea, which may cause greater pressure on China to ask Beijing to bring the unconventional neighbor back to orbit". The VOA report simply quoted the White House and the State Council spokesman for North Korea, and spent most of his time commenting on China’s role in the Korean issue. Reported that the outside world questioned China’s specific sanctions and the pace of the United States is not consistent. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee just passed a bill last week to help Pyongyang develop its weapons program. Kocher, chairman of the Council of foreign affairs, said that the sanctioned enterprises are likely to be Chinese entities. It is regrettable that China is the only country that can stop korea. But I think these sanctions can make them change their minds." The YAHOO news network quoted Russell, the assistant secretary of state for East Asia affairs, as saying that the latest statement in Korea is "contempt for the Security Council", which is a slap in the face for countries claiming to have more patience and dialogue, and to oppose more sanctions". American Fawkes News Network said, this paragraph obviously refers to china. DPRK DPRK satellite program 3 has become the focus of the press conference of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the same day. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said 3 days, North Korea should be entitled to the peaceful use of space, but the DPRK this right is a Security Council resolution limit. Under the current circumstances, we hope that the DPRK satellite launch issue in restraint and caution, do not take the situation on the peninsula could lead to further escalation of tension action. The so-called "slap" argument, said Lu Kang, the peninsula as a neighbor, we will never allow the peninsula chaos, war; and we will never allow any country to promote the goal of denuclearization of the peninsula in carrying any contraband in the international community. In fact, all previous North Korean nuclear tests clearly indicated that it was aimed at the United states. KCNA published 2 entitled "the United States should make a decision to cancel the fundamentally hostile policy toward the DPRK" editorial said that North Korea has self-defense Nuclear War deterrence, is entirely in order to deal with the U.S. nuclear threats become aggravated. North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons, North Korea US relations are worse, because the United States to be inopportune or inappropriate hostile policy toward the dprk. As long as the United States does not give up the anti DPRK hostility policy, the DPRK’s nuclear deterrent policy will continue, and the DPRK will continue to take greater measures to strengthen the nuclear deterrence from quantity and quality. The Korean Peninsula is faced with a situation like this, and the responsibility lies entirely with the American ruling class.

朝射星引发紧张 中方称绝不允许半岛生乱生战 外交部发言人陆慷   随着朝鲜在核试后宣布进行卫星发射,世界高度关注朝鲜此举会对联合国安理会正在进行的对朝制裁决议案产生何种影响。韩联社3日称,目前安理会的对朝决议案仍在磋商中,决议案内容很有可能追加应对朝鲜射星的内容。报道称,如果朝鲜射星引发中国和俄罗斯在制裁问题上态度转向,那么不排除安理会通过高强度对朝制裁案的可能。   “中国面临新的压力?”法新社称,中国一直不愿意跟从美国对朝鲜实施更加严厉的制裁,这次发射可能会使中国面临更大的压力,要求北京“将这个不合常规的邻居拉回轨道”。   “美国之音”的报道简单地引述白宫和国务院发言人对朝鲜的话后,用了大部分篇幅评论中国在朝鲜问题上的作用。报道称,外界质疑中国在具体制裁方面与美国步调并不一致。美国参议院外交委员会上星期刚通过一项制裁帮助朝鲜发展武器项目的企业的议案。外交委员会主席科克尔称,受制裁的企业很可能会是中国实体。“令人遗憾的是中国是真正可以阻止朝鲜的国家。不过我觉得这些制裁能令他们改变想法。”   美国雅虎新闻网引述负责东亚事务的美国助理国务卿拉塞尔的话称,朝鲜最新声明是“对安理会的蔑视,是给那些宣称应该有更多耐心和对话、反对实施更多制裁的国家一记耳光”。美国福克斯新闻网称,这段话明显是指中国。   朝鲜发卫星计划3日也成中国外交部当天记者会的焦点。中国外交部发言人陆慷3日表示,朝鲜本应有和平利用太空的权利,但当前朝方这一权利受到安理会决议的限制。当前形势下,我们希望朝方在射星问题上保持克制、慎重行事,不要采取可能导致半岛局势进一步紧张升级的行动。   对于美方所谓“一个耳光”的论调,陆慷表示,作为半岛近邻,我们绝不会允许半岛生乱、生战;我们也绝不会允许任何国家在国际社会推动半岛无核化这个大目标中夹带任何私货。   实际上,朝鲜历次核试都明确表明是针对美国的。朝中社2日刊登题为“美国应做出决断从根本上取消对朝敌视政策”的社论称,朝鲜拥有自卫的核战争遏制力,完全是为了对付变本加厉的美国核恐吓活动。朝鲜拥有核武器,朝美关系每况愈下,都是因为美国奉行不合时宜的对朝敌视政策。只要美国不放弃反朝敌视政策,那么对朝鲜的核威慑政策将持续不断,朝鲜将继续采取力度更大的措施从数量和质量上加强核遏制力。朝鲜半岛面临像今天这样的局势,责任完全在于美国统治阶层。相关的主题文章: