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In order to Diaoyu Islands China type this card is when the Japanese or the loss of a vast territory that Chinese’s occupation of the Diaoyu Islands in Japan China counter, put forward the Ryukyu sovereignty dispute this latest statement. China official recently noted that "people’s Daily" internal publications specifically mentioned, quoted foreign ministry Chinese scholars noted that Chinese re fried hot, again in the world to discuss the Ryukyu issue after World War II, this is also a problem in suspense sovereignty, China to fry hot this problem to contain Japan okinawa. Phoenix November 23rd "military observation room" exclusive of webcasts, following is the text: Dong Jiayao: give you the Phoenix friends, Phoenix video, Phoenix mobile phone client friend disclosure about, in our TV program "military observation room" which did not introduce intelligence news. The latest issue of "review" magazine Kanwa defense special analysis, on the West in recent years, attention is to Chinese analysis, some officials and military advisers judged articles published, especially including some internal articles, of course there are some public articles issued in mainland Chinese, analysis to the military’s most Chinese the new strategy, the article also highlights the PLA strategic think-tank in the strategic adjustment, to the outside world, especially the value of information is an important source of Western military circles. In particular, mainland China’s military works are actually publicly available, in the mainland bookstores can also be bought. In addition, there are a number of important bookstores, including the publishing house is the military, in particular, also mentioned that the strategic series also see the PLA strategic change. Such as the latest to see a book called long press "strategic leadership" and "reference library, this library is specified in" leadership strategy reference to the reference level and above leaders, with particular reference to the maritime power strategy series, which explicitly mentioned China core interests. We know that China has mentioned the core interests in the past, more about China’s system, China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, which is the core interests. And now the latest text of the special mention, Taiwan, Xinjiang, Tibet, as well as the South China Sea and the East China Sea, all of which belong to the core interests of China’s mainland, including the latest addition to the Diaoyu islands. And China once in the army of the article mentioned, once touched to the core interests, the army will be shot. It is clear that China is now in addition to the maintenance of sovereignty and territorial integrity, for Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, including the South China Sea, the East China Sea, the Diaoyu Islands and so on are included in the scope of the protection of the core interests. On the other hand, the official think-tank published an internal article, a clear reference to a new concept, called what? The enemy is called the first, for the imaginary enemy, to ensure that the military can cut off each other’s maritime lifeline, and this as an important strategic deterrent for the future of the people’s Liberation Army, cut off each other’s maritime lifeline. And now the intelligence analysis, the other needle may not be America, because there is no ability, Chinese lifeline can cut off the American sea, of course is mainly for japan. And it is clear that China’s future is important for Japan to cut off the lifeline of Japan, which is an important form of blockade. In addition special mention of the people’s Liberation Army within the latest research think-tank said that the so-called western;相关的主题文章: