In January, Chinese gold imports weak once or will become a trend-innawoods

Will China’s gold imports be weak once or twice in January? FX168 news Thursday (February 25th) data show that in January this year, mainland China imported only 17.6 tons of gold from Hongkong, compared with 111.3 tons in December and 71.6 tons in November, a substantial decline, which is the lowest level since 2011. However, some analysts believe that this figure does not represent the actual gold demand in china. The import volume in January dropped by 57% year on year, but Gambarini (Capital Economics) commodity economist Simona said that at the same time, the amount of gold exported by Switzerland in January increased by 121% compared with January 2014, down by the same period last year. Gambarini said: "the Spring Festival usually affects the trade data of China in the first quarter, so we have to wait and see the trend in 2016 is really clear."." Bernard Dahdah, a precious metals analyst at Natixis, also believes that the import data is not important, and its volatility is too large to be a trend. Dahdah said: "December imports have the highest level in two years, and in January and the lowest level since 2011, the gap is too big, I think this is the impact of excessive stockpile before the spring festival." Dahdah believes that the amount of gold imported from the mainland of China will be stable after, and it will be about 60 to 70 tons per month. However, with the price of gold continuing to rise, Dahdah believes that Chinese consumers are indeed likely to buy less gold. "Every time China imports a lot of gold, gold prices are falling."." Gambarini pointed out that the decline in the price of gold in the Chinese market in February meant that imports could be weak in February. GFMS Rannestad, a senior analyst at Thomson Reuters, said that the demand for gold in the Chinese market was dull during the Spring Festival, and some areas declined by about 30% over the same period of last year. Erica. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

1月中国大陆黄金进口疲软 偶然一次还是将成趋势?   FX168讯 周四(2月25日)数据显示,今年1月中国大陆自香港地区进口的黄金量仅仅只有17.6吨,较12月111.3吨和11月的71.6吨有大幅下降,这是2011年以来的最低水平。   不过一些分析师认为,这一数字并不能代表中国实际的黄金需求。   此次1月的进口量同比大降57%,但凯投宏观(Capital Economics)商品经济学家Simona Gambarini表示,与此同时1月瑞士出口的黄金量较2014年1月增加121%,同比则下降20%。   Gambarini表示:“春节通常会影响一季度中国的贸易数据,因此还要再等待观望看2016年的趋势真正清晰起来。”   法国外贸银行(Natixis)贵金属分析师Bernard Dahdah也认为,此次进口数据并不重要,其波动性过大,不足以成为趋势。   Dahdah称:“12月进口量出现了两年最高水平,而1月又是2011年以来的最低水平,这个差距太大了,我认为这是春节前过度囤货带来的影响。”   Dahdah认为,中国大陆自香港地区进口的黄金量在之后会稳定,每个月会在60至70吨左右。   不过在金价持续走高的情况下,Dahdah认为,中国消费者也确实可能购买比较少的黄金。“每一次中国大陆进口大量黄金时,都是金价下跌的时候。”   Gambarini指出,2月中国市场的金价升水的下降意味着2月的进口量可能也很疲软。   汤森路透GFMS高级分析师Erica Rannestad则表示,春节中,中国市场的金饰需求平淡,一些地区同比下降30%左右。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: