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Computers-and-Technology IBM has set up the Information Management Certification for the professionals to showcase their expertise, validate their skills, and prove their proficiency in the latest IBM products and solutions. This certification in available on DB2 9.7/9for Linux, UNIX, and Windows DB2 9 for Z/OS Linux, UNIX, and Windows Informix IBM Infosphere Data warehousing IBM InforSphere Optim,SolidDB, Netezza Description and procedure to obtain the certification To obtain an IBM Information management certification, the first step that you need to follow is to select an exam of your choice. There are a number of exams/tests that are available in different categories and fields of study. The pattern of all the tests is different from each other and there are certain prerequisites for each of these tests. There ought to be a certain level of experience on account of the candidates who wish to possess these certifications. Also, the job roles differ from test to test, depending upon the kind of test a candidate is taking. There are various preparation guides available for the preparation of these tests and the beauty of these guides is that many of them are even available for free. After deciding the type of test, a candidate needs to register himself for that test. The test would be processed by Prometric and it would be available for candidates in nearly every region of the world. The language of the test would be English and there would be multiple type questions in each test. The duration of each test is different and so is the number of questions included in each test. Also, the passing criteria differ according to the type of the test and the requirements of the test. The areas in which IBM information management certifications provides assistance to the candidates include the Academic associate, solution developer, database administration and associate, application developer and solution designer. Apart from these fields of study, the other aspects of IBM Information management certifications include the specialist courses. The various areas in which the certifications are being provided to the candidates depend on certain requirements from the candidates. Once the candidates are certified in any particular field of study that is related to these certifications, it becomes easier for them to learn about the technical aspects of the software and hardware of IBM. Also, it helps IBM in producing talented and qualified candidates who are capable of handling the business processes in an effective and an efficient manner. This provides a competitive advantage to the firms in which these professionals work. IBM Information management certifications are a boon for the growth of a business in terms of efficient manpower. These certification examinations not only make the candidates theoretically strong but practically as well. So when on the job, they are able do very well in very complicated environment as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: