Hundreds of fraud gang was arrested in Xuchang, said the police do not have to spend money to buy

Hundreds of fraud gang was arrested by the police in Xuchang, said they do not need to spend money to buy drugs claimed that their drugs, many central leaders have eaten. Styled, try holding the mentality, Uncle Zhang at a price of thirty percent off, buy more than 2 thousand dollars of drugs. Can not wait to eat the medicine, the other side called again. Do not have to spend money to take medicine free of charge, where to find a good thing? But the other said, Zhang uncle to pay the money to buy medicine, subsidies, then give. In this way, just five months, Zhang uncle spent savings, a total of $31000 to buy medicine. After eating, the condition is not a little better. Not only that, the other side of the country’s commitment to subsidies, but even a penny did not see. Slow God son to Uncle Zhang, immediately dialed 110. After investigation, in June 27th this year, Xuchang County Police mobilized more than 200 police in Shandong city of Zibo Province, destroyed the implementation of telecommunications fraud dens, arrested 109 suspects. According to preliminary investigation, in this way, the fraud gang of more than 60 thousand people were involved in fraud, involving the country’s more than and 20 provinces and cities. Search network is not difficult to find, in order to sell drugs in the name of the implementation of telecommunications fraud, in fact, is not uncommon. Guo old man is an ordinary farmer in Shandong, Linyi, was found in 2005 when the necrosis of the femoral head. Because his family was not good, in order to save money, Guo old man fascinated by selling medicine advertising, from the beginning of the Beijing mail order drugs. Because all the year round to buy medicine, although his illness has not improved, but the old man of Beijing, the pharmaceutical company is very confident, even more convinced that the liar said. So, nearly ten years, and had a total Guo old man cheated 950 thousand. Not only subsidies become futile, and owed a huge debt. After fully grasp the clues, the police have arrested 5 suspects, recover stolen money about 200000 yuan. Police, similar to this scam, the suspects are basically recommended drugs, and then under the guise of state subsidies, step by step to allow the victim to fall into the trap. If you consult the relevant departments before the purchase of the relevant policies, it is easy to expose the liar lies. (source: Henan satellite TV)相关的主题文章: