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Hudong hospital female doctor doctor students indulge the relevant departments for investigation of Oriental Network reporter Liu Yilin reported on November 4th: today, a female doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine Department of pain Hudong hospital no medical qualifications, let the students give the patient treatment, and encourage patients to pay cash directly caused by the behavior in the online discussion. Oriental Network reporter was informed in the afternoon, the hospital has made treatment advice and report Pudong New Area Wei Planning Commission, but as of press time reporter, Pudong New Area Wei Planning Commission has not yet notified the results of the treatment. Hudong hospital is two grade comprehensive hospital. It is reported that the Department of pain medicine of the hospital Zhang female doctor Zuozhen time, allowing no qualification to practice the "student" to treat patients, including acupuncture, cupping and bloodletting therapy also allowed the patients do not registered doctor directly, but also suggested that patients can pay in cash, but do not go the regular hospital charge system. The doctor open identity information display, she "doctor of Chinese medicine in Taiwan, specializes in the use of Chinese medicine to solve all kinds of Difficult miscellaneous diseases". It is said that last night, Pudong New Area Health Planning Commission set up an investigation group to enter the hospital to investigate. After investigation, the doctor has made "doctor qualification certificate" and "physicians practicing certificate", the scope of practice is the specialty of traditional Chinese medicine, the practice place is Shanghai Hudong hospital. This afternoon, the Oriental Network reporter at Hudong hospital, the hospital has been informed make comments on female doctor, but the hospital said, relevant treatment advice has been reported to the Pudong New Area Planning Commission, to disclose to the media. As the Oriental Press reporter, Pudong New Area Wei Planning Commission has not yet notified the results of its treatment.

沪东医院女医生纵容学生看病 相关部门调查   东方网记者刘轶琳11月4日报道:今天,沪东医院中医疼痛科一名女医生,让没有行医资质的“学生”给病人诊疗,并怂恿病人就诊直接付现金的行为在网上引起热议。东方网记者下午获悉,医院方面已做出处理意见并汇报浦东新区卫计委,但截至记者发稿,浦东新区卫计委仍未通报处理结果。   沪东医院是二级综合性医院。据悉,该院中医疼痛科的张姓女医生坐诊时间内,允许毫无行医资质的“学生”给病人治病,其中涉及针灸、拔罐、放血等疗法,还默许病人不挂号直接看病,同时还提议病人可以付现金,而不走医院正规的收费系统。   这名医生公开的身份信息显示,她系“台湾中医学博士,擅长使用中医疗法解决各种疑难杂症”。有消息称,昨晚浦东新区卫计委成立调查组进入医院展开调查。经查,该医生已取得《医师资格证》及《医师执业证》,执业范围是中医专业,执业地点是上海沪东医院。   今天下午,东方网记者致电沪东医院,获悉该院已对女医生做出处理意见,但医院方面表示,相关处理意见已报浦东新区卫计委,不便向媒体透露。截至东方网记者发稿,浦东新区卫计委仍未通报其处理结果。相关的主题文章: