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Huaguang building: the first building of Feng Shui in Langzhong is located in the Huaguang building of Sichuan City, Langzhong province. It is an ancient building, which is the key cultural relic protection unit at the provincial level. The building across the Main Street East of Nantou, located between the upper and lower Hua Street, covers an area of 8 acres, building area of 150 square meters. Built in the Tang Dynasty, clear daoguangnianjian was destroyed by fire, Tongzhi reconstruction. Huaguang building in Langzhong built the earliest existing Pavilion, and the most spectacular, so called "rose in the first floor". However, you know, Huaguang building, apart from its magnificent shape, has its unique Feng Shui significance. Langzhong ancient city geographical environment, city site selection and architectural layout, deep contract traditional feng shui theory, mountain, water, city integration, typically embodies the ancient city construction style, showing strong traditional culture color. Langzhong city Lantau Peak positive point, statehood, government administration building, to the south of Jin pingshan. East, South, north three doors are built with buildings on it, in order to receive "Yingshan water" effect, which is used to gather aura between heaven and earth. But Simon hill water is difficult, just to build high-rise building is not enough, so the people of Langzhong outside the gate built Wangyeh temple, the mountain range rover room and the wind Langzhong Pavilion and other buildings. Not only that, they also built buildings across the nanjinguan Huaguang and even the peak floor, Kui Xing Lou phase confrontation, to fill the air between the Jinpingshan, yellow mountain. Since the legend of Huaguang building will fill the air, the ancient city of Langzhong has become out and out Feng Shui, every year there are a few people in Langzhong take one or tree. Therefore, the Langzhong people have an amazing treasure and respect for the Huaguang building. If you want to see the Huaguang building that makes the ancient city of Langzhong a veritable geomantic omen, go to the ancient city of Langzhong for a visit. Wen said fish

华光楼:阆中风水第一楼位于四川省阆中市的华光楼是一座古楼建筑,为省级重点文物保护单位。该建筑横跨大东街南头,位于上、下华街之间,占地8亩,建筑面积150平方米。始建于唐,清道光年间毁于火灾,同治年间重建。华光楼在阆中现存楼阁中,建造最早又最宏伟壮观,因此被称作“阆苑第一楼”。然而你知道吗,华光楼除了自身造型宏伟壮观之外,还有独特的风水意义哦。阆中古城地理环境、城市选址及建筑布局,深契传统风水理论,山、水、城融为一体,典型地体现了古代城市建设的风格,显示出浓郁的传统文化色彩。阆中城内凤凰山下为正穴,建州、府衙署,南向正对锦屏山。城东、城南、城北三门都修筑有高楼于其上,为了收到“迎山接水”的效果,也就是用来汇聚天地间的灵气。惟西门迎山接水较难,光是建座高楼还远远不够,于是阆中人在城门外建了王爷庙、揽胜山房和阆风亭等建筑。不仅如此,后来他们又建了华光楼与隔岸南津关的连峰楼、奎星楼相对峙,以补锦屏山、黄花山之间的气口。传说自从华光楼将气口补上以后,阆中古城就成了彻头彻尾的风水宝地,每年都会有几个阆中人考中状元或者举人。因此,阆中人对华光楼有着说不出的珍惜和尊敬。 如果你想见识一下这座让阆中古城成为名副其实的风水宝地的华光楼,那就亲自到阆中古城看一看吧。文 鱼说相关的主题文章: