Hsu Chi Nicholas Tse is washing onion roll you dislike Virgo – new network autobots

Hsu Chi Nicholas Tse is washing onion roll you dislike Virgo? – Beijing, Beijing, September 9, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news, Hsu Chi 20 years and met Stephen Fung 3, announced the marriage, a public good news immediately attracted people’s attention, once said in the finished film after the husband will gradually reduce the workload. She suspected to prepare for a wife before marriage appeared in Nicholas Tse’s show friends learn how to cook, but seems to be not very good at cooking, washing onion by friends dislike wash clean, could not help but turned a supercilious. In his friend Nicholas Tse Hsu Chi program before the discussion with "onion" on the delicacy, but also personally experience pull onions, wash down the onions, let her big sigh the difficult process of the work is not easy. She and Nicholas Tse in the hot sun, had dug up two car pull onion onion, regardless of the image appearance, attracted users a message of praise "down to earth goddess!" Later, Frank natural Hsu Chi, on the stoop washing onion shouted back pain, was also in the side of Nicholas Tse, pointed out that in fact did not dislike onions washed, so crazy to ask: "you Virgo!?" And Nicholas Tse also said: "to! I’m Virgo, August 29th." She cannot help but turn to the other side of a supercilious look, very cute.相关的主题文章: