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Mobile-Cell-Phone Has this ever been you: you have a network service provider that takes care of your minutes and billing for your cellular phone service, and then the fateful day of you requiring a newer, more capable and modern handset arrives. You start looking around for phone models that you truly fancy. Then you finally find one online that you love, and it happens to be one of the latest and greatest Blackberry models. Then you go back to check and see if you can use with your chosen service provider, only to find out that they wont offer you service on this phone. But its the same as any other phone, and the service provider you are using may actually offer other phones made by Blackberry, but just not the model you like. If you think this is where the buck stops, think again. You can use just about any model of this phone on virtually any network. All that you require is the foresight to know how to unlock Blackberry. Why You Cant Use Your Blackberry on EVERY Network Wouldnt this just be great if you could use your chose Blackberry model on any phone network that you desired with ease? Well everything is fine and dandy in a perfect world. But .petitive business means that you have fewer options with certain networks these days. The iPhone tells the sordid tale of this mishmash. Phone .panies want to offer signature models to attract new customers, which limits options on their .work. But all phones can work on nearly all .works. Thats the truth. How to Unlock Blackberry (Most Models) This unlock guide should work for most models of the phone. Of course, as disclaimer, there are some cases where it may not work, or where your model will differ. But for most Blackberries, it should work just fine. 1.Get your unlock Blackberry code. 2.Insert SIM card (unaccepted) into the phone. 3.Go to Manage Connection in main menu and Turn .work Connections Off. 4.Go to Options from the main menu, access Advanced Options and then go to SIM Card. 5.Type the following letters once in that menu: MEPD. You will not see them as you type them on the screen. 6.Next type MEP and press the Alt button to get to the MEP2 screen. 7.It will prompt you with Enter .work MEP Code. 8.Enter your code. 9.If it works phone will say, Code accepted. 10.Reboot your phone and turn your .work connections back on. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: