How Resume Screening Software Could Incapacitate Your Job

Careers-Employment Few years ago, only large recruitment firms and big-budgeted corporations could afford resume screening software as part of their talent acquisition process. Job seekers who were applying to small-to-mid-sized companies were invulnerable from the intricacy of these tools. Today’s resume management tools are substantially more refined than the OCR versions of old, and have an aptitude to neatly handle a wide range of text-based formats and content. They usually include a module that haul out data from resumes, and an HR or talent management system that uses the extracted data to assess and rank qualified candidates. If you are applying for positions for which you are blatantly unprofessional, I believe that you are doing a disfavor both to your own job search strategy and to the people who are managing the hiring process. How to Make It past the Resume Extraction Process 1. Submit your resume in a text format: A number of candidates use graphics-based PDF files, which are observed by the scanning software as nothing more than nice-looking pictures. 2. Don’t use graphics: Extraction tools work on the basis of text acknowledgment, so graphics are white noise that not only don’t get scanned, but can actually mess up the parsing process for the surrounding text. 3. Don’t forget your address: Some candidates think that by excluding their address they won’t be geographically limited, but in fact the opposite is true. One of the first screening parameters that hiring managers use is often the postal code or zip code, and if it isn’t present on your resume, you fall to the bottom of the candidate pool. 4. Don’t use Word’s header or footer: There are options for key data such as contact information. These are outside of the scanned areas, and won’t get parsed. 5. Use conventional formatting: Use this for things like your telephone number, no spaces between the numbers, and no visualized characters as separators. So go out for a resume which can pass any resume screening software !!! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: