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UnCategorized Each year, effective marketing strategies continue to evolve with advancing technology, growing consumer and business trends, and the changing economy. In 2011, Chicago marketing firms will be making wide strides that largely involve the Internet, a space that has be.e extremely critical in today’s always-connected market. Consumers are using the Internet to search for stores, restaurants and businesses. They are accessing the Web from their phones and iPads, and they are staying in the loop through blogs, Facebook and Twitter. From expanding search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and fresh Web design services to delving further into social media marketing, Chicago marketing firms are making several changes for success in 2011. Read on to learn more. Expanding SEO: SEO strategies will expand in 2011, as big search engines like Google continue to offer more tools and services for Web users to find exactly what they need through keyword searches. SEO has already gone beyond simply attaching a few meta tags and keywords to a website’s content. Now, SEO is helping businesses identify popular keyword searches, target the right audience, improve overall website performance and increase ROI. With local SEO services, for example, local businesses can put their services, products and even photos and reviews on the map, generating more website traffic and new customers through high rankings on Google Maps search results. Fresh Web Design Sevices: Searching the Internet is no longer confined to a home .puter or office desk. People are bringing the Internet wherever they go, on screens large and small, through their mobile phones or iPads. Chicago Web design services in 2011 are taking these new gadgets into account, designing Web pages that catch the eye, function properly and are still easy-to-navigate no matter what device is used to access the site. In addition, effective Web design services require simple, consistent usability controls that .municate a message while aligning with constantly-changing and expanding SEO strategies, Web trends and user preferences. Social Media Marketing: With the rapidly increasing popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs on nearly every topic imaginable, Chicago marketing firms will take social media marketing to the next level in 2011. Facebook and Twitter have already be.e valuable ways for businesses to connect with customers, providing news, discounts, special events and customer support through social networking profiles. Blogs have also be.e effective marketing tools, providing .pany updates, further information on services and products, and industry news and research that keep customers interested. Here’s to a successful 2011! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: