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Careers-Employment India is a growing economy and currently there is definitely a demand in the market for the right talent and the right skill set. If you have certain special skills, you are in demand. There are many HR consulting firms today which specialize in providing job opportunities to job seekers. Their main aim is to provide interviews and streamline the HR recruiting process of various companies. One such HR consulting firm is Career Prospect. Just log on to to know more! Well, if you know what you are looking for, if you know where the demand is more, if you know what industry is hot selling today, you can bag a dream job. Finance Jobs – Finance jobs in India are selling like hot cakes. The finance department is one of the most important ones in any .pany and definitely requires good educational and relevant background. Jobs like Chartered Accountant, Financial Analyst etc. are high paying and have a great career path. IT Jobs – With the IT boom and the software industry being very volatile, the demand is steadily rising for software and IT related jobs in the Indian market. India also has some great colleges which provide the candidates with the right education. Many multinational .panies are outsourcing their IT work to India and thus these jobs are high paying and in much demand. Banking Jobs – The banking sector in India is dynamic and ever growing. Because of many foreign .panies in India today, the related sectors like the banking sector has seen phenomenal growth. Consider taking some elementary banking knowledge and work experience prior to applying for a higher position in this sector. Although it is a tedious job and suitable for people who love to deal with numbers, it is high in demand and because of the stress levels, there is high employee turnover also! Sales Jobs – Whether it is insurance sales, hotel sales or even a sales department in an FMCG sector, the employee turnover is high and thus there is always a dearth of good people in this section of the .pany. The sales force requirement is huge and they need people who are good with numbers, have great .munication skills and can mix well with all kinds of people. If you think you have these essential qualities, apply for sales jobs and you never know what a great pay it can fetch you. Sales has a great career path in any .pany too. Human Resource Jobs – Who says HR is not .petitive and does not require well qualified people with good experience? Well, the demand is there but the supply is less in India and thus, if you really take the pains to find the right fit for you, you can bag a great HR job in a good .pany! These are just some sectors in India which are booming and these jobs are currently hot selling cakes! If you think you make the cut, log on to Career Prospect and voila! See your career boom! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: