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Careers-Employment One of the fields that provide immigrants with many job opportunities in the UK is the hospitality field. Many people join working in hospitality jobs in London UK annually, and most of them undertake part time jobs. Foreign students do part time Hospitality jobs in London UK while studying to meet extra expenses. On the other hand, for people who look for career development in employment, the hotel field provides splendid opportunities. From mere waiters to senior management level, employees who have newly joined the hotel trade can receive job promotions if they have the right qualifications and dedication to the work. Finding employment in the hotel field in UK can be done through Hospitality job agencies in London. Job seekers can walk in personally to one of these agencies and forward their qualifications or they can apply via E-mail or by post. Foreigners who prefer working in another country can browse the Internet and find Hospitality job agencies in London and a Hospitality job in london uk quite easily. Many job vacancies are displayed on these sites, and the qualifications needed for each job vacancy are also mentioned there. The job seeker can fill an online application and forward to the relevant address. If selected they would be provided with an air ticket and other necessary information to proceed to the UK. Many websites run by experts in Immigration provide foreigners with free immigration advice UK needs. These persons can contact such free advice providers when they seek job opportunities in the UK. Since the immigration law in the UK is complex, seeking experts knowledge on the subject is advisable. Normally, the visa for the UK consists of five categories. They are called Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 and Tire 5 visas. When in contact with a free immigration advice UK agency, any one can obtain every detail about these categories. Basically, to qualify for Tier 1 visas, the applicant should have a good level of education. Skilled personnel in various fields are given priority over the Tier 1 visas. Like wise the tier 2 visas are for semi skilled and highly skilled persons while Tier 3 visa is for persons with low skills. However, the Tier 3 visas are not granted at present due to the large number of people entering through this visa system. The Tier 4 visas are issued for students. For receiving Tier 4 visas, students should be sponsored by the relevant education institutions in the UK. The duration of the visa is confined to the duration of the course applied for. The Tier 5 visa is for students who enter the UK for short-term courses. These are basically provided to people who are in the age group of 18-30 years. Another way to enter the UK is through a Dependants Visa UK. To receive Dependants Visas UK , a person who already have permanent residency in the UK should sponsor someone. In addition, that person should be dependent on the one who is the permanent resident in the UK. Grand parents, uncles, aunts, fathers who are over 65, children etc are eligible for having a Dependants Visa UK. The sponsor should be a resident in the UK for more than five years. For married couples, one should be in the UK permanently to provide his or her spouse with a Visa of this type. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: