Hong Kong stocks are expected to ease the Hong Kong consumer services sector performance of the most my128.net

Loose money is not expected to reduce Hong Kong consumer services sector the most eye-catching performance of the new network in the near future, Hong Kong stocks rise has slowed down, the last 5 trading days generally callback. However, on the whole, by the positive aspects of the capital is expected to ease the boost, there are still many sectors of the investment sector is optimistic about the consumer service sector continued eye-catching performance in the near future. The consumer services sector Niugu frequent starting from late August, consumer services sector performance in Hong Kong’s most eye-catching. Since the last 20 trading days, the Hang Seng Consumer Service Index rose by more than 5.39%, ranking first in the list. The Hang Seng Index and the Hang Seng Consumer Financial industry ranked second and third of the manufacturing index rose a total of 4.48% and 3.94% respectively; the information technology industry of Hang Seng Index and the Hang Seng Composite industry index has risen by 3.84% and 2.51%, ranked fourth and fifth. It is worth noting that, if the overall performance of the statistics this year, after the performance of the four plates are better than consumer goods sector, visible consumer goods sector in August began to rise significantly, and sought after by the funds. Since the last 5 trading days, although the Hang Seng Index of the 11 sub sectors have callback. However, the Hang Seng Consumer Service index is still the most vulnerable, the cumulative decline of 1.13%, lower than the other 10 sub industry index. From stocks, consumer services sector is the emergence of a lot of bull. Since the last 10 trading days, the cumulative increase of 34.38% Parkson group, Huayi entertainment Tencent has risen 20.43%, enterprise holding up 19.58%, maple leaf education has risen 18.54%, Wynn Macao has risen 16.81%, the cumulative increase of 16.41% stellar holdings, Ajisen (China) has risen 15.33%, China auto rental has risen 12.81%, are far better than the performance of the stock market. Loose funds face or continued market participants pointed out that the current Hong Kong stocks, the funds become the first major positive factors. With the imminent opening of Shenzhen Tong, Hong Kong stocks through net buying even on a sharp rise to scale. Analysts said that in August this year, the performance of blue chips in Hong Kong is very beautiful, mainly in the financial and real estate, but small and medium capitalization companies mediocre. Hang Seng Small Cap Index underperformed the large cap index. However, with the Shenzhen Tong asymptotic, this trend obvious changes, small cap stocks began to clear force, gradually over the performance of blue chips. Macquarie analysts said, although the market may be repeated, but overall "south north water capital" good recently will continue to support Hong kong. As of now, the market for the Shenzhen Hong Kong through are generally expected to open before the end of November, and selected is the subject of the Hang Seng Index of small stocks in an average of 12 months in the market value of HK $5 billion or above, and the architecture of AH company. The Shenzhen Tong is expected, small stocks gradually, in the past more than a month, has formed a common rose and large stock index trend. Despite the recent week callback, but since August, the overall performance can be seen, the Hang Seng all kinds of indicators have emerged as a whole rose, the market has not obvious differentiation, Hong Kong stock market into the Pu River相关的主题文章: