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Small Business Ice breakers are an essential part of direct sales training and should be incorporated into your home party plan business if you have team members or use consultants. Ice breakers serve as great ways to introduce people, get the conversations started, allow people to get to know each other better, and get people interacting at an event. They are perfect for staff meetings, to kick off an event, or to begin direct sales training meetings. A good ice breaker can help build team chemistry, generate enthusiasm, and get team members to be.e involved. Ice breakers can range from formal introductions to silly games. They can be thought-provoking, insightful, or humorous. They should help to create and build team cohesion. There are a few keys to making an ice breaker effective. The first is to know your team or audience. Dont make it silly if you feel that your audience abhors silly game and antics. Another key is timing. The length of the ice breaker will depend on the length of the meeting or event. It may also depend on the size of the group and the purpose of the event or meeting. You know your audience; it is important to create an ice breaker that fits them. One ice breaker that works well as a way to get people chatting and mingling is the People Bingo game. Here is how People Bingo works: Before the meeting with your team members or consultants, create some game boards on paper or poster board with various attributes, qualities, and personal facts in small squares. Some of the possible items can be: * Wears size 8 shoes * Has no number 6 in their telephone number * Is left-handed * First name begins with S * Favorite dessert is ice cream * Did not make their bed today * Has been to Europe At the meeting, give everyone several small squares of paper. Have the guests write down any of the items that pertain to them – one to a small square. Then, set a time limit and set everyone loose to find the various items to fill up their game boards. The person with the most squares filled in on their board at the end of the designated time limit, wins the game. A small prize for the winner should be provided. This ice breaker gives everyone a chance to interact with everyone else, and provides a way for everyone to move around the room. The more humorous items you include, the sillier the game will be. There is no doubt that ice breakers work to get people interacting. At your next direct sales meeting, try one and see how well it does. Your team members will enjoy it, friendships may be made, and your consultants will keep .ing back for more. A home party plan team that be.es friends will keep .ing back to meetings. Meeting makers make more money and people who are making money never quit. So, the key to growing your team is to make sure everyone makes friends and has fun at the meeting so that they keep .ing back for more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: