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UnCategorized Home invasions are becoming more popular with the criminal element these days because they seem to revolve around drugs more often than not. A home invasion is simply a new take on the home burglary. Home burglary is usually done during the daytime when the homeowners aren’t there by a sole criminal who is unarmed. Home invasions are much more serious, at least in my opinion. They are committed by two or more people who usually are armed at a time when they know the homeowners are there. So there’s a much bigger chance of a confrontation. It seems lately drugs are usually involved. This story is really bizarre. Recently in Connecticut a home invasion turned into a drug bust with two home invaders on the run. Police arrested the homeowner while the home invaders got away. The home invaders used subterfuge to get into the house saying they were from the gas company and needed to read a meter. The homeowner led the meter readers to the basement where he was struck several times in the head. There was a gunshot but it didn’t hit anybody. A neighbor learned from closed someone close to the family how it all happened. The homeowner’s wife called police and the two home invaders took off. The homeowner was taken to the hospital for treatment which left the police at the home to do their investigation. It didn’t take the police long to find a large quantity of crack cocaine. So of the few minutes while the victim was in the hospital he went from being victim to criminal. To the police, the home invasion seemed like it was planned because of the cocaine. The West Hartford police spotted the getaway car about an hour later, but did not catch the criminals. And they have a very flimsy description of them. If the homeowners had a hidden security camera, they would’ve caught images of the bad guys getting into the house in the first place making their home security better. The story, while little bit on the bizarre side, points out a couple of things that can help prevent home invasions. First the bad guys commonly use deception and subterfuge to get into the house. In this case they claimed to be from the utility company, but as it happens there was no utility company truck nearby. That should have been clue number one. Always ask for identification before you let a service technician into the house. Most home invasions happen right through the front door. So always use your peephole to see who’s there before you open the front door. And hidden security cameras can catch the image of anyone coming thru your front door. When are you getting one? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: