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Loans When shopping for a home equity loan lender, it’s nice to believe that every lender will have your best interest in mind. However, homeowners should not enter this process blindly. Although the majority of home equity lenders are reputable and determined to help you find a good rate, other lenders are deceitful. Thus, it is important to stay on guard and be alert to fraudulent practices. Reasons to Get a Home Equity Loan If you own a home, obtaining a home equity loan is the easiest and quickest way to get extra cash for major expenses. Homeowners have different agendas when applying for an equity loan. Some choose to use the money to payoff unnecessary debts, whereas others use the money for home improvements. Many lenders offer home equity loans, and they spare no expense in their marketing campaigns. These particular lenders may advertise on television and radio, and promote home equity loans with great rates and terms. Still, before getting excited, it helps to research a .pany and obtain quotes from multiple lenders. Signs of a Dishonest Home Equity Lender With a home equity loan, your house acts as the collateral. Hence, if you be.e unable to meet payment requirements, the home equity lenders may claim or repossess your home. If working with a dishonest lender, this .pany will purposely arrange a bad loan. Dishonest lenders have several tactics for trying to gain control of your property. .mon tactics include urging homeowners to borrow more money than necessary, or borrowing more than they can afford. Other lenders may persuade homeowners to falsify documents or convince them to sign a blank document. Reputable home equity lenders will explain all documents, allow homeowners to read the documents, and provide homeowners will a copy of all documents signed. How to Choose a Good Home Equity Lender Distinguishing a good equity lender from a bad one may not always be easy. Some bad lenders routinely charge higher rates to unsuspecting borrowers. However, homeowners can easily outsmart the lender. Obtaining multiple quotes from different lenders will help you quickly identify a dishonest lender. For the most part, different lenders should quote an interest rate within a few percentage points of each other. Shady lenders will likely charge two or three points above the majority. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: