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Ankang man refused to pay for daughter’s support   detained 15 days car was detained – Guizhou Channel – People’s original title: the healthy man refused to pay his daughter to be detained for 15 days, the car was seized, daughter admitted to the University, the father still refused to pay the arrears of alimony. When a daughter petitioned for court enforcement, his father resisted the court’s enforcement. The day before, Baihe County Court legally detained years as child support obligations of the debtor to Zengmou, on the implementation of detention for 15 days punishment, Zengmou and seized a car. 2011 Zengmou and Kang divorce mediation by the court, daughter flowers (a pseudonym) by the mother of a living by doing odd jobs to raise, Zengmou daughter pay a monthly alimony 300 yuan, increased to 450 yuan, but it has not been paid. In July this year, the college entrance examination, but million yuan of tuition and living expenses for the mother and daughter worry. Floret several times to find Zeng explained the situation and difficulties, but until the entrance to the University, the father did not give her alimony. Subsequently, a small piece of paper sued his father once to the White River Court, requesting Zengmou payment of arrears of alimony. After the court filing, immediately launched the implementation measures. The investigation and verification by the executive judge, Zengmou name and a car, the executive decided to detain his car, ordered to surrender the vehicle keys and driving license, refused to hand over, or say no money. The river then submitted the court refuses to perform the obligations determined in effective legal documents and refused to hand over the vehicle driving license key, impede the implementation of the grounds, decided 15 days detention Zengmou Zengmou, forced to hand over the vehicle and driving license key, and seized a car once. It is learnt that the second days after being detained by the court, the relatives and friends to help pay the arrears of their daughter alimony 21600 yuan, Zengmou also wrote a written repentance, third days of detention by the court to terminate the detention ahead of time. (Wang Peimin Wang Zhonglin) (Chen Kangqing, Tu Min: commissioning editor) 安康男子拒付女儿抚养费 被拘留15日汽车被扣押–贵州频道–人民网 原标题:安康男子拒付女儿抚养费 被拘留15日汽车被扣押   女儿考上大学,父亲仍拒付拖欠的抚养费。女儿一纸诉状请求法院强制执行,父亲却抗拒法院执行。日前,白河县法院依法拘留了多年不尽子女抚养义务的被执行人曾某,对其实施拘留15日惩罚,并扣押了曾某的小汽车一辆。   2011年曾某与姜某经法院调解离婚,女儿小花(化名)由其母姜某靠打零工抚养,曾某每月给付女儿抚养费300元,后增加至450元,但其一直未支付。今年7月,小花考上大学,但万余元的学费和生活费让母女俩犯愁。小花几次找曾某说明情况和困难,但直到走进大学校门,父亲也没有给她抚养费。   随后小花一纸诉状将父亲曾某告到白河法院,请求曾某支付拖欠的抚养费。法院立案后,立即启动了执行措施。经执行法官调查核实,曾某名下还有一辆小轿车,执行人员决定扣押其小轿车,责令曾某交出车辆钥匙和行驶证时,曾拒绝交出,还是称没钱。白河法院遂以拒绝履行生效法律文书确定的义务和拒绝交出车辆钥匙、行驶证妨碍执行为由,决定拘留曾某15日,强制曾某交出车辆钥匙和行驶证,并扣押了曾某的小轿车。   据悉,曾某被法院拘留后的第二天,其亲属和朋友帮其支付了拖欠其女儿抚养费21600元,曾某也主动写了悔过书,拘留的第三天被法院提前解除拘留。(王培民 王忠林) (责编:涂敏、陈康清)相关的主题文章: