Guangzhou five thousand people participate in air defense exercises to enhance people’s national

Guangzhou five thousand people participated in air defense exercises to enhance public awareness of national defense in the new network original title: Guangzhou, five thousand people participated in air defense exercises   China News Agency, Guangzhou, September 24 (Wang Hua Wu Biying) Guangzhou 24, "Guangzhou TianDun -2016" air defense exercises, a total of about 60 units, 5000 people participated in the exercise. 11 am, the city of Guangzhou fixed alarm, mobile air defense alarm car, mobile alarm and radio, television, bus mobile TV, Guangzhou Metro TV and other air raid alarm. In the exercise of the campus of the Guangdong Peizheng College synchronized air raid siren signals, school teachers and students to immediately stop classes, in the school organization under the guidance of more than 1500 students to participate in the exercise in accordance with the emergency evacuation plan, rapid and orderly leave the classroom, enter the nearest emergency refuge field by masking. It is reported that this is the sixth consecutive year in to participate in air defense alarm test and exercise activities. In the Jubilee community in Haizhuqu District of Guangzhou City, to carry out emergency evacuation drills hidden about 200 residents. When the advance after the alarm, residents immediately pulled off the gate, turn off the gas, the fire extinguished, carrying personal protective equipment and necessary supplies. Under the guidance of civil air defense volunteers, in accordance with the community air defense evacuation evacuation diagram instructions, the nearest to the civil air defense project shelter. In the civil air defense projects, as well as professional air defense teachers to explain the air defense skills, improve the residents of air defense combat capability. In addition, Guangzhou Conghua District Fifth Middle School, Liwan District District, Guangzhou port and other organizations at all levels and departments have organized personnel to carry out emergency evacuation exercises. This is the "Yangcheng shield defense exercises continued to carry out sixteenth years. Guangzhou in September continued to carry out air defense publicity and education activities, the local city, district two conducted a total of more than 30 activities, in order to enhance the people’s national defense concept, awareness of civil air defense and emergency protection skills. (end)相关的主题文章: