Gu Ye ridicule provoke controversy, the bottom line of art popularization

Gu Ye ridicule provoke controversy, the popularity of art in the bottom line? Gu Ye Greek mythology of the gods all over again. Wang Peng Appollo is a comic book can not find a girlfriend "handsome", Venus is a "foreign Pan Jinlian", the gods of Greek mythology in the world famous painting was funny, laugh, are posted on the network popular label. A book called "small Gu chat myth" book just came out, it caused controversy. In micro-blog, WeChat public number, such as "small talk" Gu myth "art paintings ridicule" is not the case, the mystery of classical art was torn down, some people applaud, but also some people worried about. Gu Ye baited paintings the Greek gods have been a spoof on "small Gu chat myth", the author Gu Ye interpretation of painting mythological figures very shocking". He said the Greek mythology is a bloody, violence, including incest, intrigue and gay melodrama. Gu Ye said that the sun god Appollo is not a girlfriend, rich handsome, Appollo’s sister is not willing to marry a man of, is the old lady". He also said that Venus is "Fox", is "foreign Pan Jinlian". But Hera, become "President of anti mistress association". Hagrid lux dubbed the "foreign" Sun Wukong, Vulcan Hephaestus dubbed the "Wu Dalang of greece". Of course, psyche has not been spared, she is a "3S lady". Classical painters such as Botticelli was ridicule, was called "the keg of Gu ye". He also commented that Da Finch, Rafael, and the "Ninja Turtles" are all of the """. Gu Ye is the sort of person? He had read the reader said, thought it was a tall and thin uncle, the result is a fat man passers-by". He called Gu Meng, 80, the design of the University, although not received any history of art education, but by virtue of the love of painting, become the most red on the network art science writer. He had a small Gu chat painting 1, small Gu chat painting 2, have been sought after by many readers, sales of more than 500 thousand copies. He has more than 1 million admirers on micro-blog, WeChat’s public number also has a number of admirers of the 2 million. Why such a subversion of "tall" paintings? Gu Ye, the reason is very straightforward, people usually look when painting in the art museum, the sky will be over three characters – "cannot read", so he thinks the way to tell the story the popularity of paintings is a coup, "a lot of people say I don’t respect the art, but we can brazenly film reviews, why not about hundreds of years ago in art?" As for the reader can have the harvest, Gu Ye said frankly, "after laughing, as if the reader did not remember what, but when chatting with friends, think can talk what." However, he also said, "these are just write their own cool things, never thought to book." The audience sought after as long as saying funny mishap not important Gu Ye these arbitrary text, but received a warm response from the market and readers. On the watercress, the first book is just more than 7000 people on the evaluation, the book has more than 3000 people in the evaluation of the second. Just listed "Gu Gu myth" also has more than and 300 newspapers相关的主题文章: