Generally, The Laptop Shells Are Made By Or Plastic Materials. As The Plastic Material Is

Arts-and-Entertainment Generally, the laptop shells are made by metal or plastic materials. As the plastic material is light and easy to shape, manufacturers prefer this material. This LP141WX3-TLN1 LCD screens shell is made of plastics. Thus there are different types of plastic materials. Carbon fiber: Carbon fiber material is a very attractive material. It looks like plastic, but the strength and thermal conductivity are better than ordinary ABS plastic. As carbon fiber is a conductive material, it can play a role similar to the metal shield. Thus, as early as April, 1998, IBM introduced the first carbon fiber notebook case. The drawback is the cost of carbon fiber high. In addition, its not so simple to be shaped as ABS shell. If the shell of LP141WX3-TLN1 LCD screen adopts this material, its price may double. ABS engineering plastics: ABS engineering plastic that is PC + ABS (plastic alloy). In the chemical industry its called plastic alloy. As to the name of PC + ABS, the reason is that it not only has excellent heat-resistant PC resin, weather resistance, dimensional stability and impact resistance, but also has good processing ABS resin liquid. Therefore, the shape used in thin-walled and .plex products, to maintain its excellent performance, and to maintain a kind of ester with the .position of plastic material formability. The biggest drawback of ABS engineering plastics is that the heavy weight and poor thermal conductivity. Because of low cost, ABS engineering plastics are wel.ed by most notebook manufacturers. So far, most plastic laptops are based on the ABS engineering plastic raw materials to do. And this LP141WX3-TLN1 LCD screen is not the exception. Moreover, there is one more plastic material-Polycarbonate. It .monly used by FUJITSU. Its the same material with the CDs. But it looks like metal. Its not so prevailing used. Its really surprising that the plastics play such an important role in the laptop formation. We seldom pay attention to the material of laptop shell. Today we have a thorough understanding of the laptop shell. Anything else do you want to know about? We can share in through this platform. 110 AC Adapter 相关的主题文章: