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E.merce The time is now for e.merce developers and designers. Increasing numbers of Internet users encourages more people to do shopping online. When you go for shopping online, you will find hundreds of online shopping stores. All are running on a particular platform. Due to the lack of technical knowledge, 90% of retailers have no idea that what platform needs to be used to open an online store. Even, they do not know in which environment an existing e.merce store has been developed and running. Two ways, one is to order small business merchant solutions, which will provide you the pre-designed e.merce templates OR the other ways is to hire an e.merce developer, which serve for you who will designed and developed an entire store according to your budget and requirements. Every store is said to be popular and get acceptable only when it offers its users secure, easy and error-free e.merce features to carry out all .mercial activities, such as Shopping Cart and Checkout modes should be outstanding at the performance level to conform to the users. I am describing the best four-e.merce website platforms and its main features; you can choose from to open an online store of your choice. Yahoo! Store e.merce: Yahoo! Store has made their position strong in the list of all e.merce based solutions providers. Moreover, it is more popular in top-level countries like USA and UK. Yahoo! Store ensures in order to exchange the goods or services to their customers that they are receiving the strong security services. Retailers get benefit of Yahoo"s strong network and maximum ROI on their efforts. They provide 24/7 toll free phone supports, facility to retailers to hold up to 50000 products at a time for sale. Hire Yahoo Store Developer and get all the Yahoo Merchant Solutions. Magento e.merce: Magento e.merce is an open source platform, which is widely available and used system within the e.merce world. It can control multiple websites and stores from one administration panel with ability to share as much or as little information as needed. It provides flexible tax rate management with support for US and International markets, auto-generated sitemap for display on site, multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts, shopping cart with tax and shipping estimates, view, edit, create and fulfill orders from admin panel, print invoices and packing slips, email notifications of orders and many more existing features. eBay e.merce: eBay e.merce is one of the more straight forward e.merce channels throughout you can market your goods, however, knowing the right time and the right way to go about opening a store can be hard. EBay Store Design has a several attributes to ensure that when you open your eBay store, it will provide you with a boost in sales and be an advantage to your .pany. Customized e.merce: Customized e.merce includes e.merce, PHP e.merce and Java e.merce. You want some features to your store that are not available in any of the above e.merce platform; you can customize an entire store as per your requirement and budget in asp.., PHP or Java. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: