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Home-and-Family When there’s a drip, a small leak or a running toilet, people call a plumber, make an appointment, and it gets handled. No big deal. But if it’s three in the morning and a pipe has burst in the basement, what is called for is a 24-hour emergency plumber who can, on the phone, help a home owner find the main water shut-off valve to stem the tide, and then show up quickly to repair the problem so the house is back up and running for the morning rush. An emergency plumbing situation is never fun, however planning ahead with a responsive emergency plumber can save thousands of dollars in plumbing and home repairs, and alleviate a disruption of a household lifestyle. When something happens – and statistics show that every homeowner will experience a plumbing emergency at least once – experts advise being ready. Experienced plumbers say this all begins with a non-emergency plumbing inspection of all water lines, sewer lines and plumbing fixtures in the home which can detect any potential problems and repair them before an emergency occurs. It’s the "ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure" advice. During this inspection a reputable plumber will show the homeowner where all the shut-off valves are: the main water shut-off valve, which is usually in a basement, crawl space or where the water main enters the home, and also the shut-off valves for kitchen and bathroom sinks, laundry, and toilets. Being familiar with these valves, even making a checklist to keep in a handy location in case of an emergency, can minimize any damage that may occur. This inspection should also include the home’s sewewr system if there are any of the tell-tale signs of a problem: e.g., the need to flush toilets more than once to evacuate waste, toilets that plug too often. Ask any plumber, or any homeowner who has ever experienced it: the absolute worst plumbing emergency is a backed up sewer. And, of course, homeowners are advised to keep the plumber’s 24-hour emergency number close to a phone with all of the other emergency numbers. Autumn is the perfect time to prepare for an emergency, as the cold weather is due soon and the first deep freeze of the season is one of two great peaks for plumbing emergencies like bursting pipes. When it gets very cold and then warms up quickly, as happens often in the fall, the freezing and quick thaw is very hard on pipes, and plumbers report being exceptionally busy at the first good cold snap of the season. The other danger period is any prolonged and exceedingly cold spell during the winter; Denver, for instance, averages two such cold snaps every winter, where temperatures plunge below zero for several days in a row. Denver emergency plumbers watch the weather very closely, as these two situations inevitably increase the numbers of emergency calls. Autumn is also an excellent time, plumbers add, to do the little things around the house that can prevent a plumbing emergency. They advise to: – Make sure all the windows in the basement are closed; many plumbers report calls every year from people who forgot this simple step. – Disconnect garden hoses from outdoor spigots and make sure the spigots are completely shut-off. Check to make sure the home is equipped with freeze-proof outdoor spigots; and good plumber can install them. – Shut off the water for the sprinkler system. Most homes have a shut-off valve on the line feeding the sprinkler controls. – Blow out sprinkler systems to prevent underground pipe freezing, and cover the vacuum breaker mechanism (which feeds water into the sprinklers and sprinkler controller) with insulation or a blanket to protect it from freezing, cracking or bursting. – Wrap any pipes that are exposed to outside air, like in crawl spaces, with insulation. Just because they didn’t freeze last year is no guarantee that it won’t happen this time around. Chances are good that a home won’t experience a plumbing emergency this year, but odds mean nothing if it happens. A home’s plumbing system gets a lot of use, wear and tear and needs regular maintenance just like a car to keep in tip-top shape. And the weather each year offers enough surprises to quickly change the odds. Emergency plumbers say the wise homeowner inspects, maintains, repairs – and then keeps a 24-hour emergency plumber telephone number where it can be easily found. Even at three in the morning. Copyright (c) 2010 Gerry Stringer About the Author: 相关的主题文章: