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Follow the "detective Sherlock" tour of London   all beauty — Shaanxi Channel – original title: follow the "detective Sherlock" tour of London. According to foreign media reports, London as a location for the BBC Mini Series "detective Sherlock", has recently set off a visit shooting craze. Speaking of "detective Sherlock" this drama, we will not be unfamiliar. This is a mini drama produced by BBC, currently a total of three seasons (the fourth quarter will be available on 2017 New Year’s day), in the first broadcast on the occupied the throne in 2010, attracting a number of fans at home and abroad. The drama is about the experience in London detective Sherlock Holmes and his doctor friend John H Wahson a series of unusual adventures, then the characters of Sherlock and Wahson have become immortal God in people’s heart. This mini play is well made, the lens is used, and the scene is all over london. Beck street 221B (Sherlock Holmes Museum), address: 187 North Gower Street, Camden, London, NW1 2NJ (WEB screenshot) written by Arthur in the adaptation of Conan Doyle’s detective novels "Sherlock Holmes". When the author writes, London does not exist at Beck street, 221B. The novel produced a huge response, so London in 1990 to build the Sherlock Holmes Museum, which is now known as Beck street 221B. However, after the drama of the fire, there will always be someone to take pictures in front of the door, there are a variety of nearby and Holmes related logo, and even not far from the Beck street subway station wall is also full of detective patterns. So BBC in the shooting did not choose here, but the choice of a quiet apartment is located in the west of London North Gower Street No. 187. St.Paul’s Cathedral in London (St.Paul’s Cathedral), Paul’s Churchyard London address: St, EC4M, 8AD (WEB screenshot) in "detective Sherlock" in the photographed landmark St.Paul’s Cathedral in London is the highest non. In many transitions in the lens, we can see the huge dome prominently displayed on the London skyline. St.Paul’s Cathedral is located in the north shore of Thames River, London, is a baroque style of architecture, but also the representative of British classical architecture. It is the British people as the Phoenix Nirvana? Where is their spiritual pillar,. Also in 1981 Diana and Charles’s wedding ceremony held here. The hearts of foreigners is perhaps the London landmark Big Ben, Westminster Palace or The London Eye, but in the minds of the British people, is the symbol of London St.Paul’s Cathedral. This is not only because she is one of the most important English Cathedral, and since seventeenth Century to establish, regardless of how to change the scenery of St.Paul’s Cathedral, after a disaster war but have been standing in the city center. (Ren Zhihui, commissioning editor Wang Li) original title: follow the "detective)相关的主题文章: