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Feng Xiaogang film industry capital operation controversy: the director should concentrate on the new creation – Feng Xiaogang Beijing, November 26 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) released 8 days, up to 25 days 11:00, directed by Feng Xiaogang’s "I am not Pan Jinlian" at the box office reached 289 million (source: cat professional edition). In the same period. The film 289 million is clearly the leader, however, behind the movie at the end of the issue, the number of directors may, on one side of the McIlroy culture produced some "pressure alexander". The dispute — if the movie is just the movie, so "I am not Pan Jinlian" not in the light of the November schedule with violent spray. "I’m not Pan Jinlian" after the release of the first controversy, is the row. Feng Xiaogang is dissatisfied with the first row piece Wanda cinema around 13%, that is too low. However, on the contrary, one of the producers of the film is actually given a 90% row of culture. The reason why Feng Xiaogang and Yao culture are extremely high expectations of the box office, because there are two behind a huge amount of money on the gambling agreement. Feng Xiaogang and Liu Zhenyun first agreement on gambling McIlroy security at the end of 500 million at the box office for 200 million gold base, "I am not Pan Jinlian" produced a total of five, namely: Beijing McIlroy film culture media Co. (McIlroy Culture), Huayi Huayi Brothers Media Corp (Huayi Brothers), Beijing Ferris wheel culture media (culture Beijing Ferris wheel Culture), Huayi Brothers Film Company Limited (Huayi film), Zhejiang media Limited (Dongyang Dongyang Meila Merah). According to December 12, 2015, Songliao automobile’s announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of holdings McIlroy studios McIlroy movie and television culture, and the other two Chupin Huayi Brothers, the ferris wheel culture, signed a guarantee agreement issued: if the box office is less than 500 million, McIlroy will pay 200 million of the box office box office 500 million to 800 million net income, net proceeds from the McIlroy exclusive, box office exceeded 800 million yuan, McIlroy will receive 50% of the net income of the box office. This means that is "I am not Pan Jinlian McIlroy for" 500 million at the box office guarantee, guaranteed payments for 200 million. Some media reports, Yao Lai was willing to spend such a high price, after the rough cut was decided to join. In November 18th, the official micro-blog McIlroy film for the first time in response to the statement issued at the end, "the media asked whether that guaranteed McIlroy performance at the box office, we can firmly replied: confidence!" Feng Xiaogang second bet on the agreement of the performance of the pressure of Feng Xiaogang, in addition to serving as I am not a director of the "", he also has an identity, is one of the investors in the film, one of the about 60000000. In September 2015, Feng Xiaogang established the Dongyang area, the registered capital of only 5 million. In November of the same year, Huayi Brothers announced a $1 billion 50 million acquisition of 70% stake in Zhejiang U.S. media. U.S. media and Huayi Brothers signed an agreement on gambling, Feng Xiaogang and other two shareholders commitment of not less than 1 hundred million of the net profit in 2016, 2017 to 2020 each year than the previous year net profit growth of not less than 15%. )相关的主题文章: