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Fake people were beaten by the occupation claim "another threat to let you die" (Figure) – Beijing, November 14th afternoon, Mr. Zhang in Xinjiekou, a supermarket several times the purchase of a cocktail, as the goods 10 days overdue claims, but was surrounded by several Han and stole goods and cuff and kick, a small ticket. Yesterday, the supermarket headquarters relevant responsible person said, the purchase of consumer goods suspected of package, but can not provide relevant evidence. Beijing morning news reporter went to the supermarket and found that there is no wine on the shelves of mr.. Currently, the police involved in the investigation. Narrator: fake claims were gang fights yesterday, a video is hot on the internet. Do not loosen your legs cut off, a brown coat man was forced to kneel on the ground, holding a railing near the cashier repeatedly promised not to come again". The other two Tahan by dragging him, one of them with a stick to beat the man, another man kicked the man kicked around, and threatened: "come to let you die" (pictured). The video is playing is fake occupation Mr. Zhang, he told reporters that in November 14th he went to a supermarket shopping Xinjiekou, found a wine overdue for 10 days. Then he bought several bottles in batches. The reporter saw the video from him, he in the tea beverage area on the shelves to find the price of 12.5 yuan of wine, the shelves stocked with a dozen bottles of pink charm night bartender honey love Margarita, he deliberately focus the wine on the shelf, the reporter saw, this wine production in February 4, 2016 and for a period of 9 months, such as the day of the incident the time to count, have 10 days overdue. Subsequently, Mr. Zhang bought a bottle of wine and a pack of chewing gum, sales staff gave him a small ticket. There are more than a dozen bottles of wine on the shelf, I bought a few bottles 11 times." Zhang said that he carried the wine to the complaints desk, a wine manager to coordinate. He asked me what I bought, how to solve. But before I put forward how the compensation, they came to a few people put me on the edge of drag, I don’t go to cuff and kick me." Zhang said that the purchase of 11 bottles of wine and shopping tickets were robbed of each other, even the phone retained evidence of the photos have been deleted, which makes him simply can not reflect the situation to the food and drug administration. "I now have several bruises on the body, is not very comfortable." Supermarket: other malicious claim. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporters came to the supermarket, found that "the charm of the night bartender honey love Margarita" label in the two layer of underground tea beverage area on the shelf, posting time is September 26th, but the shelves has gone pink wine, and other colors. Reporters found that the new replacement of wine shelf life of 12 months, in the warranty period. Subsequently, the reporters in a staff led down to the supermarket management department, and the manager is the person in the video of Mr. Zhang’s kicking. Although refused an interview, but he said, Mr. Zhang is not the first time to come to the store "something". The quality safety department of the supermarket headquarters responsible Sun Wenbo said that does not hit, but the A thing has its cause. According to him, Mr. Zhang has been sued for the purchase of substandard products, the supermarket, the company paid him more than 10 thousand yuan. And like Mr. Zhang.相关的主题文章: