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Health An ex body building champion, Carolyn Hansen, recently released a .plete program to help ladies develop hot looking legs. Many ladies desire having hot legs for various reasons. Sometimes, unsightly cellulite may have developed on the legs due to neglect. As a result, the affected individual no longer have the confidence to wear short skirts or other revealing clothing. This has a negative impact not just on their social life but on their career as well. Their goal then, is to embark on a program that will help them tone and shape up those legs so that they can once again, dress in sexy clothing and regain their confidence. Unfortunately, without proper guidance, this is easier said than done. Many simply embark on painful exercise programs, but experience disappointing results. They didn’t know what had gone wrong, and they had no one to guide them. Most work in offices in their day jobs, and they lack the health and fitness knowledge that will help them .e up with an effective program. Carolyn Hansen, the developer and founder of the latest Hot Legs Workout program (a program designed to help in shaping and firming legs), understand the frustration of these ladies. She is a fitness center owner, who has worked with hundreds of clients throughout her career in the health industry. During her career, she has had the opportunity to participate in many prestigious body building .petitions. Her impressive track record says a lot about what she has to offer. As a professional health practitioner, she dishes out good advice on a daily basis. Her Hot Legs Workout program re.mends the exact exercises that will help to tone and shape up the legs in double quick time. The program also lists out clearly, the definition of proper exercise, and how these exercises can help improve the lower body. With this clear and concise guide, ladies no longer have to grope around in the dark, wondering what exercise to do to get the results they are looking for. Everything is presented in a well organized manner in this exercise program. For example, the program highly re.mends strength training exercises for legs. Strength training helps to shape and tone muscles quicker than any other type of exercise. That is because leg workouts help to stimulate the metabolism rate, and encourages fat burning. With an increased fat burning rate, the cellulite will soon disappear, and this helps in shaping and firming legs. Another useful tip that can be found in the program is that small meals should be taken each day. Each meal should consist about 300 calories, and a meal should be taken every two to three hours. This helps to maintain the metabolism rate, and conditions the body to burn fat quicker. Carolyn .mented, "Usually, the average lay man doesn’t know such things. Most think that running and cycling is exercising, and they expect to see good results from those activities. Unfortunately, those activities don’t really work." She goes on to add, "Dieting doesn’t work as well because that is conditioning the body to store fat. So taking small meals help." During dieting, the human body goes into starvation mode, which prompts the system to respond accordingly. When a body is starved, it starts to store fat as it doesn’t know when the next meal is .ing. The metabolism rate slows down to conserve energy, and this is counter productive if an individual is trying to lose weight and tone up the legs. What makes the program different from all the other exercise program in the market is that it is developed and endorsed by a former body building champion. Also, as a fitness center owner, Carolyn has the opportunity to witness the mistakes made by many of her clients. She incorporates her invaluable knowledge and life experience into her products. The Hot Legs Workout program is one of her latest products. She also offers other health and fitness related products, and does personal coaching for clients as well. She invites interested parties to get in touch with her at her website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: