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Reference-and-Education English Grammar. Some people cant bear to stand the word. There are other ways to improve besides painstakingly revising and memorising silly words. Some simple English grammar exercises will set you in good stead to learn and amazingly improve your English. One of the best English grammar exercises to do is to just speak to a native speaker. Dont read anything else out or do a roll-play or anything to English grammar practice . Be yourself, and say what you are going to say. Now, you may think that this is embarrassing and that you will sound silly and make lots of mistakes but thats probably not the case. Yes, you are most likely to make a few mistakes and you may say some of the things that you wanted to say wrong, but by listening what they say and how they say and just practicing on your own you will dramatically improve. This makes it one of the best English grammar exercises you can get. One of the most important things to do when speaking with a native speaker is to listen. By listening well you will pick up expressions or sentences in the language that you didnt know of hear of before. You should also listen out for the correct pronunciation of each word. The same letter can be said differently when it is in an alternate word. By speaking with a native speaker you will probably be learning and replicating someone who has learned English as their first language from birth, this way youll be guaranteed to get it right. If you want to really improve at your English grammar practice, youre going to have to be brave and ask what something means. Whatever the words is, no matter how big or small, ask them what it means or if they can clarify it for you. We all learn something new every day at all ages so dont worry about looking stupid because they will appreciate that learning an entire language is a tough thing to do. So you need to be able to make mistakes and learn from them, its one of the easiest ways that you can learn and is especially effective when it comes to languages. So what do you need to take in from the article? Well, you have to make mistakes when talking with your native speaker. You have to ask what it means and learn from it. You can talk about whatever you want and itll be more fun that you think. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: