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Enact legislation to change   see the effectiveness of service – Politics – people.com.cn which regions, departments in implementing problems of the CPC Central Committee and State Council major decisions and arrangements and policy measures, how to reform? Policy measures to accelerate the implementation of landing? Which places have good experience in the work is worth promoting? What are the opinions and suggestions of the State Council and its departments?…… Is the national development of the State Council third times to inspection found the problem oriented, to supervise, supervision, supervise real quasi deep, and promote local departments to enact reform legislation, to achieve tangible results. Even the day, reporters follow the inspection group of the State Council depth around the inspection line, watch the unprecedented scale of the large inspection process. Eleventh inspection teams in Shanxi Linfen inspection disaster management, the transformation of shanty, Huang irrigation, telecommunications building, transportation and other construction projects when the situation has taken a series of inspection action — September 20th at 9:30 in the morning, the inspection team arrived in Shanxi Linfen, part of the inspection team did not participate in the unified arrangement of the activity, but the emergency call to the local audit, development and reform, land and other departments held a forum on the shed, disaster management, water conservancy, transportation and other 8 projects each inquiry related departments. Two o’clock in the afternoon, the inspection team did not advance notice, rushed to Linfen County, Daning, to see the disaster management, shed change, Huang irrigation three project site, and the county government and department staff to talk about the real situation. On September 21st at 8:30 in the morning, the inspection team personnel to assault Linfen Development Zone Telecom building site, found that the local government claimed to have started the project construction site and no large machines, requiring local inspection teams will speed up the construction of the project, through a variety of ways to pay attention to and supervise the project schedule…… This is a microcosm of the inspection team to carry out the work around. Governor true reality check, must be really tough action. In order to ensure the effectiveness of inspection, each inspection team to find the problem oriented, some teams sent unannounced visits to verify clues to the problem, some surprise spot investigations, some special topics set according to local development research…… Once a problem is found, do not hide the ugly, do not shield their mistakes, ultimately, for rectification. With the advance of the big inspection, one of the specific issues to be implemented rectification, the major policy measures to promote the pain points and resistance points of concern, a series of decisions affecting the deployment of landing problems are being resolved. Are there any specific time limits for deferred tax applications?" Can be set up a number of conditions for the realization of the lifting of the equity?" Three new board companies can use this policy?" This is the fifth State Council inspection team management of Enterprise Forum scene, entrepreneurs discussion is just out of the notice "on improving the equity incentive and technology shares on the income tax policy". Fifth inspection teams will improve the equity incentive policies as the focus of supervision matters. Through the field of supervision, the Ministry of finance, the State Administration of Taxation on September 22nd officially announced to the public the new deal". The policy has just released a inspection team went to the Zhongguancun Park Management ground to listen to the views of enterprises, to further improve the relevant policies and measures to support the management of the country. During the inspection, a series of favorable economic and social development, structural reform of the supply side, the old and new momentum of major policy measures have been introduced or accelerated implementation相关的主题文章: