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Elderly tourism travel agency to death autopsy: no fault specification can not implement Beijing News playback: September 12th, citizens Ms. Ye’s uncle, Mr. Zhang, a 62 year old in Changchun Chinese organized by travel agency "sunset feeling parents easily travel" sunset red tourist train tour project. In September 23rd 13, traveling in Yanan elderly sudden death, the doctor’s diagnosis is the cause of death is unknown. The old man’s family came to Yanan after the old man died. Elderly sudden death on the way to travel, the family would like to know the cause of death of the elderly, made an autopsy to Changchun China travel service, the results of the other refused to cooperate. The elderly can not be laid to rest, it makes the families very difficult to accept. September 27th, the reporter and Ms. ye came to the Changchun China travel service, travel agencies have no one came out reception, no one came out to explain the situation. All the travel agents can’t get through. Changchun evening news reporter Liu Lianyu reporters from September 29th, Ms. Ye Department learned that in seventh days after the death of Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang’s remains were cremated in Yanan. In the cremation before families give up for the cause of death, and in the local public security organs issued proof. 29 afternoon, the 62 year old Zhang questioned about the death of family members in the process of tourism, Changchun City Tourism Bureau and the Changchun Chinese travel agency group accepted an interview with the reporter, on a variety of issues one by one to a positive response. Not to enforce the norms of "travel" to elderly tourism service standards implementation in September 29th, Changchun Chinese travel agency responsible person surnamed Zhang and responsible person surnamed Xu received a reporter. For many of Mr Zhang Yip proposed in Changchun Chinese travel agency in violation of the implementation of September 1st of this year, the National Tourism Administration issued the "travel" about the elderly tourism service standards, service standards of the State responsible person surnamed Zhang, the travel agency on the total of 6, this specification is recommended by national industry standards. Unenforceable, the travel agency can refer to the implementation, it does not have legal effect. Director of Municipal Tourism Quality Supervision Bureau of tourism Zhao Yip proposed the travel agency that is also described in violation of the National Tourism Administration issued the "travel agency" elderly tourism service standards, this standard belongs to the industry standards recommend the implementation, not mandatory norms. Travel agencies can refer to the implementation, improve their quality of service. When the equipment is not perfect or conditions are not available, you can also choose not to implement the industry standard. The tour guide no doctor two people is not illegal for Ms. ye put forward the tour without a doctor at the time of the accident, the tour guide is only 19 years old and other issues, responsible person surnamed Zhang said, the tour group did not violate the provisions of the doctor. When the accident tour guide card, 25 years old this year. In addition, the tour group and a 37 year old tour guide. After the accident, the tour guide for the first time to dispose of, immediately dialed 120, the results of the old man in the car did not breathe on the 120. About Ms. Ye proposed tour itinerary is very tight, the old man was tired of a thing, responsible person surnamed Zhang said, all travel tour is very relaxed, very reasonable. One old man"相关的主题文章: