Dongguan 11 cosmetics enterprises failed to check seven days, the hotel ranked among them-tinyos

11 Dongguan cosmetics enterprises unqualified seven days hotel is among the original title: Dongguan 11 cosmetics enterprises unqualified if the purchase of domestic non special cosmetic products did not record, it should pay attention to, these goods may bring security risks. According to the cosmetics safety special rectification plan, Dongguan food and Drug Administration in 5-11 months organized the cosmetics business enterprise supervision and inspection work, a total of 105 enterprises were checked, found 11 enterprises have unqualified phenomenon, and in November 14th the unqualified list was announced. Among them, there are not only salons, nail shops, but also seven day hotels and other well-known corporate brands. It is understood that cosmetics can be divided into domestic non special use cosmetics, domestic special purpose cosmetics, imports of special purpose cosmetics. In the sale, the former need to obtain the record certificate, import products must also be marked in the external package has Chinese logo. And cosmetics have these credentials, you can log through the national food and Drug Administration inquiry. In this year, the city food and Drug Administration of the cosmetics market regulation throughout the year, in order to check the suspected illegal substances added to disable and registered products as the focus, to crack down on whitening, freckle, acne and so that functional products, and technology support for quick screening method, found the scene quickly seized the positive products immediately sampling inspection and seizure. In addition to the scope of regulation related business sales enterprises, including beauty salons, business operators and micro infant franchise stores, especially the combination of urban and rural, small commodity city will be strictly checks. At present, the supervision and inspection of the 105 enterprises found clues have been transferred to enterprises in the town streets the food and Drug Administration Bureau, informed business town street food and Drug Administration Bureau shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, dealt with the case according to the law will be open. The food and drug administration law enforcement officers said that the cosmetics business specification (including hotels, beauty salons, hair salons, electricity providers, micro business etc.) should be able to provide health permit the sale of cosmetics cosmetics production enterprises "(or" cosmetics production license ") a copy of domestic non special purpose cosmetics to provide products filing of electronic documents, domestic special use cosmetics to provide" domestic special cosmetics administrative licensing certificate "and" imported cosmetics, must provide the imported special purpose cosmetics administrative license "or" non special purpose cosmetics import registration certificate "and" inspection and quarantine certificate "copy. Food and Drug Administration reminded that the majority of consumers should choose to regulate the purchase of cosmetics enterprises, can not provide the above information business enterprises, please consumers cautious choice, do not buy the use of unregistered registration cosmetics. Once found this kind of cosmetics, please promptly report to the local food and drug administration, Tel: 12331. The name of the enterprise existing problems 1, Dongguan City Huangjiang Pinzheng commodity shop 3 domestic non special cosmetic products did not record the 2, Dongguan Dongcheng Kai Wei Manicure shop in 1 domestic non special cosmetic products did not record 3, Dongguan Nancheng Dior salon 1 domestic non special cosmetic supplies did not record 4, Dongguan Shilong fine cut hair 1

东莞11家化妆品企业检查不合格 七天酒店名列其中   原标题:东莞11家化妆品企业检查不合格   如果购买的国产非特殊用品化妆品未备案,那可要注意了,这些商品可能会带来安全隐患。根据化妆品安全专项整治计划,东莞市食药监局在5-11月组织开展了化妆品经营企业监督检查工作,共检查105企业,发现11家企业有不合格现象,并在11月14日对不合格名单进行了公布。这其中不仅有镇街的美发美甲小店,还有七天酒店等较为大众熟知的企业品牌。   据了解,化妆品可分为国产非特殊用途化妆品、国产特殊用途化妆品、进口特殊用途化妆品。在销售时,前者需取得备案凭证,进口产品在外包装上还得必须备注有中文标识。而化妆品有没有这些凭证,可以通过登录国家食药监总局查询。在今年,市食药监局进行了全年的化妆品市场整治,以检查涉嫌非法添加禁用物质和未注册备案产品为重点,严厉打击美白、祛斑、祛痘等宣称功能性的产品,并以快筛快检技术为支撑手段,一经发现快检阳性产品现场立即进行抽样送检和扣押。整治范围除了相关经营销售企业外,也包括美容院、电商微商和妇婴专营店,特别是城乡结合部、小商品城等将予以严格抽查。   目前,这105家企业发现的监督检查线索已移交企业所在镇街食品药品监管分局处理,被通告的经营企业所在镇街食品药品监管分局应依照相关法规进行处理,查处情况将依法依规进行公开。   市食药监局执法人员表示,规范的化妆品经营企业(包含酒店、美容院、美发店、电商、微商等)应当能够提供所售化妆品的《化妆品生产企业卫生许可证》(或《化妆品生产许可证》)复印件,国产非特殊用途化妆品需要提供产品备案电子凭证,国产特殊用途化妆品需提供《国产特殊用途化妆品行政许可批件》,进口化妆品,需提供《进口特殊用途化妆品行政许可批件》或《进口非特殊用途化妆品备案凭证》以及《检验检疫证明》复印件。   食药监局提醒,广大消费者要选择规范企业购买化妆品,对不能提供上述信息的经营企业,请消费者谨慎选择,不要购买使用未经注册备案的化妆品。一经发现这类化妆品,请及时向所在地食品药品监管部门举报,电话:12331。   企业名称 存在问题   1、东莞市黄江品正日用品店 3个国产非特殊用品化妆品未备案   2、东莞市东城凯薇美甲店 1个国产非特殊用品化妆品未备案   3、东莞市南城迪奥美发店 1个国产非特殊用品化妆品未备案   4、东莞市石龙精剪发廊 1个国产非特殊用品化妆品未备案   5、东莞市石龙浩天美容美发用品店 2个国产非特殊用品化妆品未备案   6、东莞市石龙思临化妆品店 2个国产非特殊用品化妆品未备案   7、七天酒店(深圳)有限公司东莞南城分公司 1个国产非特殊用品化妆品未备案   8、东莞市石龙博美日用品店 1个国产非特殊用品化妆品未备案   9、东莞市 美之露生物科技有限公司 1个化妆品标签不符合要求   10、东莞市石碣爱永达购物中心 1个国产非特殊用途化妆品未备案   11、东莞市道�诗蒂莎化妆品店 1个化妆品标签不符合要求   (记者 欧雅琴) 责任编辑: GDN001相关的主题文章: