Diversion Safe–keep Your Valuables Safe!-poper

I joined forces with two friends and fellow set designers to start a small design shop in 2006. One of our clients has been Foo Fest here in Providence, RI. We do it for love and make little profit but have done fairly well with no major losses. We run most of our business online but from time to time we go to the office to pick up materials. This is a small space that we basically use for storage, so we are only ever over at the office when we drop off or pick up materials. When we found out there had been a robbery two doors away, we realized the naivete of securing our store room with nothing more than a lock and key. We decided it was time to buy some real self defense devices to protect our business. While shopping for a security alarm system online, I came across diversion safes, which are safes made to look like something else to divert attention from them. They resemble everyday items in look and feel, down to the weight. For instance a soda can or flower pot can have safes in them. The funny thing is that they are fake .mon items so they provide a real defense against burglars. This is a real and inexpensive way for a small business entrepreneur to keep their valuables safe. We purchased a few different safes to that we could not only hide our money but that we could hide the keys to our other storage rooms. There are other diversion safes we ordered to keep our bank account numbers and PINs in. These look like Arizona Tea bottles and Pringles cans, we keep those in the kitchen! I feel safe with the diversion safes that we purchased. Even is someone decided to go through all of our cabinets they would not think twice to stop and open a can of food. Everything You Need To Know About Door Security By: Robert Siciliano – Burglars know that every safe neighborhood has a certain percentage of fools who think theyre immune to break-ins. Tags: Pay Attention To Your Iot Device Security By: Robert Siciliano – Wow cool! A device that lets you know, via Internet, when your milk is beginning to sour! And a connected thermostatturning the heat up remotely an hou … Tags: How To Recycle Old Devices By: Robert Siciliano – When it .es to tossing into the rubbish your old .puter device, out of sight means out of mind, right? Well yeah, maybe to the user. But lets tack … Tags: How To Rock The Room As A Professional Speaker By: Robert Siciliano – For those of you who want to knock your presentations out of the park and be the speaker everyone raves about, Victoria LaBalme is leading an unbelievably … Tags: How To Shop Securely With A Mobile Phone By: Robert Siciliano – You can buy things with your phone! No kidding! But imagine what the response would have been had you made this statement in 1984: Off your meds, … Tags: Hackers Don’t Play Well With Kids’ Toys By: Robert Siciliano – No .pany is immune from hackerseven a toy .pany. Hong Kong based VTech got hit by a hacker recently. This .pany makes techy educational toys for … Tags: Beware Of Those Hackable Holiday Gifts By: Robert Siciliano – If youre going to drone on and on about how you got hacked by a cyber thief, maybe its because you played with your new droneyou know, those rad … Tags: Busted!: Large Identity Fraud Rings Fall Apart By: Robert Siciliano – A group of people who are actively collaborating to .mit identity fraud is known as an identity fraud ring. These rings are generally made up of two or … Tags: Indiana Is A Big Target For Identity Theft By: Robert Siciliano – As the holiday shopping season quickly approaches, identity thieves are quickly looking for their next victims. In Indiana, government officials are takin … Tags: Business Identity Theft: Beware Of Identity Thieving Employees By: Robert Siciliano – Wow, a lawyer in Memphis got scammed by his secretaryshe embezzled over $362,000 from him, says an article on wreg… Attorney Jerry Schatz hired Ter … Tags: 相关的主题文章: