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Outdoors London defines luxury, refinement and taste. We all behave a little Victorian when we are in London and there is no reason to be apologetic about it. Opulence is in the air and as they say "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". Thus, when in London, do what the British do and that means – be indulgent. London offers a range of luxury hotels and one can pick according to his choice – from unassuming to lavish, they have it all. If you want the unsaid, understated luxury, go for the four star hotels which are minimalist but not of course on the service. Contrarily, if you want it all, go for really high-end five-star ones. All the luxury hotels in London offer the best of amenities, service and food which will surely delight you. The hotels are present in all areas of the city and there is no distinction in the services in any of them as all of them provide the finest services for a memorable stay. Popular locations for luxury ac.modations are West End, Kensington, Mayfair, Soho and Westminster. West End is, in a sense, the Cultural capital of London and is popular for its theaters. For guests interested in theater and culture, this is the ideal place to stay while in London. Some popular five-star ac.modations in West End are Marble Arch London, 51 Buckingham Gate, The Mayfair Hotel, Langham Hotel, The Howard, Westbury Mayfair Hotel, St James Hotel and Club and The Royal Horseguards. Price range of these ac.modations is between 300-400 pounds and they provide all the best amenities that are expected out of luxury hotels today. For example, central air conditioning, facilities for the disabled, round the clock reception service and Wi-Fi Internet facilities. This by no means is an exhaustive list and there are more than 50 ac.modations in West End area in the 5-star category itself. Some of the popular 4-star ac.modations in the West End Area are the Millennium Mayfair Hotel, Radisoon Edwardian Bloomsbury Street, Radisson Edwardian Kenilworth Hotel, The Royal Trafalgar and The Kingsley hotel. Although these belong to the lesser price range hotels, the services and amenities are .petitive with the 5-star ac.modations. Kensington is famous for its museums and its close proximity to the very happening Hyde Park in London. So if shopping and museums and loads of activity is your thing, Kensington is the area for you. Popular hotels in Kensington area are The Kensington Hotel – A luxury Townhouse, The Milestone Hotel, Radisson Edwardian Vanderbilt Hotel and the Hempel Hotel. The price range of these hotels is from 250 to 400 pounds and all of them outdo each other in terms of services. Mayfair is famous for its most famous boutiques. So there is super indulgence in store for you if you stay in Mayfair. Some of the popular hotels in Mayfair are Durrants Hotel, Millennium Knightsbridge Hotel, Millennium Mayfair hotel and Radisson Edwardian Berkshire Hotel. The price range of these hotels is from 180 to 250 pounds. Similarly the hotels in Soho and Westminster are also priced between 200-400 pounds and offer the best luxury and services that there is to offer in luxury hotels. Choose the area that is best suited to you, although everywhere the hotels are of top quality and standard. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: