Devil training cornered Lee Shamin sub choking Chen Jianbin entertainment Sohu Rampage zibba

Devil training cornered Lee Shamin sub choking Chen Jianbin a Sohu of   entertainment; Li Shamin to choke Chen Jianbin Sohu entertainment news recently, "the first grade" exposed a video, in Li Shamin son suspected of being angry, in the program to record the scene and mentor Chen Jianbin publicly called in for choking, sparks explosion scene is people can not look. The video was released, users comments instantly raged, "crikey, Li Shamin tore open Chen Jianbin!" "Chen Jianbin is about to explode!" "Li Shamin to God?" Netizen "Moonlight small confused" that happened: "devil training is not Chen Jianbin’s desperate Li Shamin?" So what the hell is going on? After Chen Jianbin tricks the devil training "from the first grade for fear of angering Li Shaminzi" aired, Chen Jianbin is the super heavyweight program "teacher" play. Chen Jianbin’s "done", "scream therapy" and so on all kinds of the devil training, not only let the students "Wen Chen heart", also let users complain incessantly, evaluation to him. Some people think that "Chen Jianbin’s genuinely and sincerely for students, seriously good point, some people think too hard, everyone does things". In the face of a wide range of public opinion, Chen Jianbin said: I will be adjusted according to the performance of students teaching methods, the purpose is to let them go further on the road in the future." According to the program group broke the news, in the first match of the music screening stage, Chen Jianbin saw in all are not in a state of panic turned "devil mentor" Scene roar rebuked students: "your level is too bad! You are not working hard enough! You already lost!" A series of "yigunzidasi" words, let the atmosphere instantly set, after careful analysis of netizen said: "this is probably Chen Jianbin dared." "The simmering" Li Shamin son probably provoked anger, and anti Chen Jianbin. What is the reason why so Shamin Li Zi "huochu life"? And whether things such as friends guess? Chen dared can let in bottoming out so successful counter attack? Xiao Bian can’t wait to see! The former quiet mango small artistes today show "madman" Li Shamin son as a former warrior goddess, just graduated shortly after the successful promotion of mango small artistes, simply took advantage of various congenital acquired. Let go of these favorable conditions to study the performance and intentnesses, Li Shamin first child to overcome the difficulties. In addition to denounce Li Shamin "hard enough to arouse her desire to fight, Chen Jianbin also own more unique secrets to teach Shamin Li zi. In the first phase of the program, Chen Jianbin used a "scream therapy" let go the route Shamin weekdays lady Li Zi: scream, unkempt in nature, no image. It is reported that in the second phase of the program, Chen Jianbin will play a big heart to the first grade version of the "Busan line", Li Shamin son bore the brunt of a "zombie", and unkempt claws, grimace, eyes filled, let Lou Yixiao have spooked directly shouted for help. From Li Shamin completely ready to sacrifice performance, netizens think Chen Jianbin still have a,.相关的主题文章: