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What would it be like if a child was given the option to use his imagination and put together some parts to create whatever he/she desired? What would they invent? Well we can put it to test and see what they are capable of, how creative they are, what they would expect the world to be in the future. So many products have reached the market to assist children in their school curriculum. While some assist them to bring out their inbuilt talents some offer assistance in Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Technology. Discussed below are items/programmes that are available to students in their journey ahead. Littlebits Open Sourced Library with Modular Electronics An open-sourced Library consisting or modular electronical parts that can be pieced together with the use of magnets for learning purposes, which can be used by anyone to invent or build prototypes such as Mars Rover space kits etc. This system has caught up in many countries across the globe (over 70). It is understood that currently over 2000 schools are using the same. These electronic parts do not require any tinkering, programming or wiring. Every bit has a light, sensor, sound and button and the possibilities of available .binations are infinite. Space Resources for the Innovative With a view to offer children to gather, interact and bring out their innovations, Marker Spaces have been set up in libraries. They can make use of the resources provided and use their knowledge to create hacker rooms, music studios or any other thing they would desire. Students are permitted to use these spaces created for them, during free periods, before and after school as well. Security for your Essentials Technology is so wide spread that there is hardly many people without some sort of electronic devices such as laptops, iPads, Mobiles, Tables etc. Essentially these are valuable to the user. Therefore in order to protect and maintain these valuables, PC Loc has .e up with the following solutions for storing, transporting and charging them. 1. Carrier 20 Cart 2. Carrier 10 Charging Station 3. iQ 10 Charging Station 4. iQ 10 Sync Charge Station Sphero SPRK THE Hard-Shelled ROBOT Children love interactive learning and it fun when there is any activity involved. With SPRK, it breaks the monotony of usual learning techniques. It inspires a love of learning through coding and robotics while including the STEMs theories. Sphero is a robot designed with a hard shell made of polycarbonate and equipped with an electric motor, array of LED lights of many colors and most importantly Bluetooth enabled. It is re.mended for all age groups but specifically for 14 and up. STEMS Support Services Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) workshops for students incorporate the four subjects through teamwork, experience and the use of technology in the mechanism of teaching. Learning is gained through real life experience, problem solving and discovery. It is catered to the middle and high school students and offered through online subscriptions or print editions. Some of the workshops offered are below: 1. Crazy Talk Student 2. Exploring with Bee Bot 3. Pro Bot Programming 4. Marker Bits Workshop 5. Sphero Drive 6. Sphero SPRK Workshop and others. 9 Resources For Learning Ember.js By: Paul GM – Based on the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern, Ember.JS is an open-source JavaScript application framework and is most .monly used to create scalable single-page web applications. Tags: Can Obamacare Really Create .petition In 2015…find Out Now! By: John T. Tate – Get health insurance policies and subsidies to conform to with Obamacare. Get the 10 Essential health advantages with preexisting problems. Eliminate Penalties. Tags: Can Obamacare Really Create .petition In 2015…find Out Now! 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